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Rhine in Flames Boat Tours - St Goar

We will be staying in Bacarach in September. We want to book a cruise on the Rhine and found out the festival and fireworks show is happening in St. Goar that same weekend! Great news, but now I am feel the need to book now.

Who has had experience with the cruise ships in the area and would like to recommend great ways to experience the river or a company to book with?

Also, has anyone experienced Rhine en Flammen in this area? Is it worth it to be on a cruise for the fireworks show or should we plan a cruise early in the day and find a great spot on the shores to watch the show?

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I haven't done the fireworks cruise but I'll share my thoughts and impressions of the Rhine in Flames event. Indeed you'd need to book in advance (not so with the normal cruises.) The fireworks cruise tends to be pricey. Don't know about food and drinks on board but quality may be suspect. We were on the riverside promenade for Rhein in Flammen and enjoyed ourselves very much - large but very civilized crowds, lots of wine and food, lovely views of the fireworks, and it was fun to watch the lighted boats cruising by as well. The boats looked OVERPACKED on what was a very warm evening - I was sorta glad I wasn't on board.

KD has 5 cruises per day from Bingen north to St. Goar. No need to book in advance. You could catch the train to Bingen, do a late afternoon cruise to St. Goar, find dinner there, and catch the fireworks afterward; return to Bacharach by train. (Consider making reservations for dinner - St. Goar will be busy.) Rather than hopping on another train late at night, it would of course be easier to just book in St. Goar and pay Bacharach a visit during your stay (only 10 minutes from St. Goar.)

When you take the train to Bingen to start the cruise, keep your train ticket. It will get you a 20% discount on the KD cruise - just show it to the cashier.

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This is great Feedback. Thank you! It sounds like it is nice to be a part of the festivities in the town.

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We hadn't planned on it but the TI in Bingen told us they had a couple of unsold tickets so we got them. I'd wouldn't count on that tho - get them in advance. Price but I thought it was worth it for the transportation and positioning. I'm sure the view is good from the bank but it was fantastic from the middle of the river. What is transport like from the area at that hour? - actually with headlamps you could walk / bike it I guess. The food wasn't exceptional but wasn't bad either as you might imagine from a mass feeding. And, our ship at least wasn't too crowded even being a sell-out.