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Restaurants open in Bavaria on December 26?

Hello! I'm traveling to Germany for the Christmas holiday this December and am wondering what other people have experienced with restuarants being open on December 26. I'm thinking of heading from Nuremburg to Regensburg on the 26th and while I know shops and sites will be closed, just want to be sure I can find some food. Welcome any advice people may have!

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Look online then call to make reservations for anything that will be open. The 26th is still "Christmas" here and pickings will be slim.

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In Germany, both December 25 and December 26 are statutory holidays nation-wide as the 1st and 2nd days of Christmas, respectively.

I'll echo what Sarah says above: if you find in advance restaurants of interest, give them a shout and ask not only if they're open on the 26th, but also if they're open during the holiday season. In a pinch, fast-food places might be open on the 26th, particularly around the city's central/main train station.

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Not sure about Bavaria which is a huge state, but at least in Frankfurt, the restaurants do a booming business on the 25th and 26th. I think in any medium to large city you will not have a problem finding places open. People want to spend the money they got from Aunt Kunigunde and Uncle Karl-Heinz.

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At least here in the Oberpfalz (including Regensburg), 26 December Mittagessen (11:30-14:00) is similar to 25 December. Many resturants will be open like a normal Sunday. Leberknödelsuppe, Goose, Braten etc. I would make reservations.

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This is largely the situation throughout Bavaria. On the afternoon of December 24, all pubs are clsing down, on the 25th they reopen, in the justified expectation of a fat business.

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Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I really appreciate it! I'll take fast food if that's all that's open. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't hardcore and I'd be stuck with random vending machines. If I come across any places that will definitely be open and taking reservations, i'll post them in case anyone is interested. Finished my itnerary for the Germany leg of my trip yesterday and will be in Nuremberg for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Driving to Regensburg to spend the night of 26 December. From there I'm continuing on to Prague on the 27th. Looking forward to spending the holidays in Germany and the Czech Republic!