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Restaurant recommendation in Munich for a special celebration

We will be in Munich for my husband's 50th birthday, which falls ON Easter Sunday this year, so I would love to reserve something ahead of time. Looking for a recommendation for a nice restaurant in Munich for either lunch or dinner. We have 2 teenagers coming along :)

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Could you please give some info about the budget? Fine dining or casual? Bavarian beer hall style or restaurant? Any other then Bavarian food?

And Easter could be an issue but making the reservation now is a good idea.

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Thank you for your reply. We are flexible with the budget, although we don't particularly lean towards Michelin star or overly expensive restaurants. I am looking more for a great experience, nice ambience, and great food, whether is German food or otherwise. That will be our last full day in Germany, so I am sure we will had visited beer halls already by then -unless you recommend I save a special beer hall place for that occasion. Thanks again in advance!

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Ok then let's go ....

All mentioned restaurants are easy to reach and I like them :-)
Not on the cheap side but they are all using outstanding ingredients and the prices are not over the top:

Osteria Der Katzlmacher, Bräuhausstraße 6 - my favorite Italien restaurant.
Small handwritten menue that changes every day (excepct some all time favorites). All in Italien but the waiter will translate for you.
The average price per person we pay is about 100,- Euro all in

Pageou, Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 10 - soemthing really special
Small menue that will change regularely. Ali Güngörmüş, born in Turkey, used to be a michelin star chef during his time in Hamburg. But he moved back to Munich because this is where he grew up. Good for everybody who loves great food becasue you will get michelin star quality but you do not have to pay micheline star prices. His dishes are German/French with a Turkish twist.
The average price per person we pay is about 150,- Euro all in

Pfistermühle, Pfisterstraße 4 - modern and top-class Bavarian cuisine
The average price per person we pay is about 120,- Euro all in

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for. If not no issue because we will find something else :-) If yes I'm having some more ideas in this direction ...... Maybe some fine dining restaurant where the owners are crazy about Austrian wine?

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Thank you! This is so helpful! I appreciate all recommendations. And since you seem to be so knowledgeable of the food scene, I would love to hear other lower price recommendations in general for the other days we are in Munich :) And what beer halls we should not missed (I know I can look it up using RS and other sources but always appreciate a local take better!)

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I would describe myself as Foodie :-) Mostly cooking at home but when we go out for dinner it has to be good quality.

I'm not a beer hall expert but sometimes I'm going to the Augustiner Bräustuben, Landsberger Str. 19. I like it more then all the down town beer halls. It is located directly at the Augustiner brewery (best beer in town among the big breweries) in the former horse stable.

My coworkers love the Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom, Frauenplatz 9. I believe the reason is because they are keeping up a very old Munich tradition - Stehausschank. You can buy a beer and drink it either standing outside or when the weather is bad in their staircase :-) I think as well that it is fun. Usually after 30 minutes we go inside and sit at a table. I like their beef tartare.
If you want to try this tradition the entrance for the Stehausschank is on the left side of the building.

I have to admit that I've visited Hofbräuhaus only once but maybe it is a good idea to go there for Lunch? Just for the sake of visiting.

Below mentioned restaurants are Bavarian and not far from down town. The ambience has nothing in common with big beer halls and it is a more modern cuisine. The prices are moderate compared to fine dining:

Xaver's, Rumfordstraße 35 - Modern Bavarian
Wirtshaus Obacht, Schwindstraße 20 - Modern Bavarian
Bodhi, Ligsalzstraße 23 - Vegan Bavarian
Wirtshaus in der Au, Lilienstraße 51 - Modern Bavarian and famous for their dumplings

In another posting we were talking about Schellingsalon, Schellingstraße 54. Quite something special I would say. I had to smile when it was mentioned in the other post because it is full of memories and it is Munich history :-) If you want to know what it is all about please check out the link.

But talking about all these Bavarian restaurants one needs to know that it is all about meet - specially in a beer hall. The more modern Bavarian restaurants are different but nevertheless if I would eat this every day for dinner I would not survive I guess. In Munich you find every country's cuisine you can think off and I would go for that as well. Stroll around Viktualienmarkt and you will find some healthy alternative at one of the stalls there. And for sure you can't go wrong if you check out other neighborhoods as well and just eat in a restaurant that catches your eye.

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As Mignon writes Munich is full of international food choices and I would assume most Munich residents have their favourite Italian restaurant somewhere in their quarter.
Let me add a special place: - restaurant on top of the tower in Olympic park.
I have been there long time ago when it was operated by a different gastronome, thus I can’t comment on the food quality but the views are excellent.

Following (non-bavarian food) places, I know and can recommend:

Bambergerhaus, BRUNNERSTRASSE 2, 80804 MÜNCHEN – Baroque style mansion in Luitpoldpark, mainly Austrian style food, U2/U3/U8 Scheidplatz then walk through the park.

Jacci, Ysenburgstr. 13, 80634 München – my favorit Asian restaurant, near U1 – Rotkreuzplatz

Neni, Bahnhofpl. 1, 80335 München (at the 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian) - Israeli foods with local influence, great atmosphere, next to Hauptbahnhof (main station)

Abacco’s, Oberanger 31 – 33, 80331 München - good Steakhouse, close to Viktualienmarkt

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Lots of good suggestions. I'll add a few too:

For a nice dinner out:

  • Vinaiolo - This is my favorite Italian restaurant in Munich (This is where my wife and I would have our anniversary dinner). Located in the charming Haidhausen area at Steinstraße 42. There is usually a set multi course meal with pricing from 70-100€ per person.
  • Paulaner am Nockherberg - Slightly more upscale than a tradition beer hall, but not over the top. Located at Hochstraße 77. Good quality traditional Bavarian dishes and the atmosphere is really nice in the restaurant. Also, the only place you can get Nockherberger Bier.

More casual dining:

  • Hofbräukeller - More traditional beer keller at Innere Wiener Straße 19. They also have a nice big Biergarten out back if the weather is nice.
  • Cafe Voila - Good local cafe (open for breakfast, lunch dinner and after dinner drinks). Located at Wörthstraße 5. I like the Curry Turkey Filet.

I could go on but you have more than enough suggestions already!


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They also have a nice big Biergarten out back if the weather is nice

Can't wait :-) :-)

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Wow! This is priceless! I appreciate it so much! I might need another trip to Munich :) Thank you really so much for all the recommendations. I am sure I will not go wrong. Cheers!