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Reservations for Neuschwanstine/Hohenschwangau-Time Frame

We have to pick up a rental car in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at 8:00 am. How much time do you think I should allow for us to get over to Neuschwanstine/Hohenschwangau? When should I set the reservation for? I was thinking 11:00. Map shows the distance between towns is about 1 hour but not knowing the details of the parking and traffic etc, I wasn't sure if that is allowing enough time to get there for the required 1 hour prior to tour pick up time.

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Pouring down today, decided to take the day off. With a leisurely lunch, we spent the better part of a day around the castle area and we were based just down the road in Fussen. I don't know when you are going but with regular traffic it is about an hour's drive to Fussen from Garmisch when crossing through Austria. If you want to stay strictly in Germany, add 10 to 15 minutes to your drive. There is a large parking lot at the top of the small hill as you approach the centre of Hohenschwangau, there may be others. I'm guessing 10 euros. The ticket booth is about 500 yards or so from the parking lot. If you are up for it, after visiting Neuschwanstein, cross the Marienbrucke bridge and hike up the wooded hill for about twenty minutes, you will be able to take nice photos of the castle from a different viewpoint. There is an interesting museum of Bavarian King's (?) on the main drag and a nice walking trail around Lake Alpsee.