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Renting a car in Germany

Apologies for a semi-repeat but my question is a little different than last time re: the above subject.

I have a car reserved out of Frankfurt Airport, dropping it in Nuremberg Airport, with Budget via Travelocity. I have tried to find out if the car can be taken across the border to Switzerland AND if I can stick a Swiss motorway vignette on the windshield but to no avail. Travelocity hasn't been helpful and calling the Budget desk in Frankfurt, an international call, was problematic. I have some level of confidence that worst case they will tell me at the rental desk that Budget will ask me to pay a surcharge take the car across the border, and that's fine, but I was trying to square this away before the trip.

In parallel, I am starting to look at alternative rental car companies and am seeing conflicting reviews on the web re: Sixt. In some cases it's rated highly; however, I've also seen lots of recent reviews that are scathing.

Ignoring price, I was wondering what companies people have rented from within the past year with few or no issues and as such you would recommend. Thank you.

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You should have no issue putting a Swiss vignette sticker on the car. Someone later in the year who rents the car and wants to go to Switzerland will thank you.

I have had np problems with Sixt. In fact, I prefer them.

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I used AutoEurope last year to book a car with Avis in Germany and they could not have been more helpful. You could get a quote from them online, and include the Switzerland trip to see what the extra cost will be.

I agree that there should be no problem putting the sticker on the windshield

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We are frequent Sixt renters. Always happy with them. We have never had an issue with placing a toll sticker on a rental.

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We’ve had very good experiences renting through

Very very helpful and loads of advice plus great rates.

No company will have any problem with you putting a toll sticker on the windshield. They either leave it or simply scrape it off, just a motor vehicles does when you get your car inspected. I wouldn’t even have a concern with the sticker on the windshield.

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Thanks Paul. In fact, I saw another post re: and have been working with them.