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Regional trains from Munich to Nurnberg

Can I bring several pieces of luggage on a reginal train (not ICE) from Munich to Nurnberg? I know I can't reserve a seat, but so they have luggage racks?

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There will be luggage racks, but there is no enforcement of how much luggage you have. You might be able to take up some of the wheelchair/bicycle spaces if nobody else wants them. There will be somewhere to put your luggage but be polite to anybody who actually needs wheelchair/bike space.

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I have traveled all over Germany on regional trains with heavy luggage and never had a problem with finding a place. Caveat: this was before the advent of the Deutschland Ticket, so these trains have more people on them now.

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As long as you can handle all of your luggage unassisted, you can bring it on the train. Small to medium size bags will fit overhead or under your seat. There should be a rack for large cases either at the nd or middle of the car

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While there are luggage racks I would strongly advise you to only bring enough luggage as you can safely walk with and carry onto trains. It can be a pain to get on and off with too much luggage.

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I took the train you mentioned a couple weeks ago from Munich to Nürnberg. The second class coach doesn’t have a lot of room but if you stay in the vestibule you could handle a larger suitcase. We had 22” carryon bags and a backpack each, it was a little tight.

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Thanks to everyone for the good advice. We sail on a river cruise after visiting Munich so we will have 2 22inch each. More than we usually travel with but it hard to find self service laundry in city centers.

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Do a map search for eco- waschsalon. Self service laundry chain. I find them in city centers all the time. You may need a metro stop or two to get to nearest one. I used one in Dusseldorf yesterday. Most have English instructions posted.
If you can, each of you drop one 22 inch bag for a carry-on sized backpack that can wear or attach to your big bag handle. Maneuvering two bags thought European train stations and streets is tough.

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Your hotel will probably know of a self service laundry near them. Why not send them an email and ask?

If not, tell us your hotel and someone can try to find one for you.

And I agree with the warning of trying to manoever two carry on size wheeled bags each. Try to get a second bag that can piggyback onto the handle of one of the carry's ons.

Here are some ideas:

I've tried many of these suggestions over the years. The best, in my opinion, is a second piece of luggage with a luggage sleeve to fit over the handles of your main piece of luggage. It's what I do now with my personal item and my main carry on.

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Since we will be in Munich for 3 days prior to going to Nurnberg, I asked our hotel in Munich if they had self-service laundry facilities.
The answer is yes, and it's free. We are staying at the Hampton Inn West (using points) and this is a wonderful perk.
Now if I can only get my luggage count down to one.
Thanks to all responders.