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Rail transport Regensburg, Ger to Salzburg, Austria. Return to Munich 5 days later

Are there any special things I need to know other than book appropriate trains on Trainline.
For instance in Switzerland, there are many special fares like the 1/2 price card for 30 days and you book on the SBB app.
Is there a preferred app Vs Trainline for this?
Any other gotchas? This is a DIY post trip to Salzburg from a Viking cruise…………

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You do know that the Half Fare Card from SBB is only valid on trains within Switzerland, right?

Regensburg to Salzburg can be done with a Bayern Ticket. 29 EUR for the 1st person and 10 EUR for each additional person with up to 5 people traveling together. Regional trains only after 9 am M-F, anytime weekends. Same for return to Munich. You can buy it out of a vending machine day of travel.

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Do as Sam instructs. Bayern Ticket, regional trains only.

There are no direct trains of any kind between Regensburg and Salzburg. You will have 1 or 2 changes of train depending on the time of day you wish to travel.

The DB site will provide a personal travel schedule. Besides the regional trains, there are also high-speed trains (ICE, EC, RJX) which cannot be used with the Bayern Ticket and might appear on such schedules. So you need to EXCLUDE these trains from your search to find journeys you can make with the Bayern Ticket. Simply click on "mode of transport" then select "local transport only", then hit search to find doable schedules. RE, RB, ALX RE, and BRB RE are regional train types that can be boarded with the Bayern Ticket.

There is no point to buying these tickets in advance. They are the same price at the station - from a ticket machine - as you see online. Once you buy them, they are non-refundable. So buy them on the day of travel or the day before if that's more convenient for you.

There are no seat reservations to mess with either. Just get on the train and find a seat.

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The Trainline app appears to permit transfers from a Bayern to a high speed (rail jet) train in Munich and not cost too much. (Alx to Rjx) and saves an hr in time.
Or am I missing somthing………

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The journeys which include those high-speed trains are what I referred to here:

"...there are also high-speed trains (ICE, EC, RJX) which cannot be used with the Bayern Ticket and might appear on such schedules."

I do not use the "Trainline" so I do not know whether you will be able to exclude said trains with their site (for use with the Bayern Ticket.)

I am not seeing the huge discrepancy (1 hour??) that you say you are seeing betwen the regional-only journeys and the "high-speed" journeys, not in the morning hours anyway... Random date chosen...

7:51 - 10:55 (includes high-speed) = 3 hr 4 minutes
8:26 - 11:59 (includes high-speed) = 3 hr 33 minutes
9:51 - 12:58 (includes high-speed) = 3 hr 7 minutes

Bayern Ticket option:
9:51 - 13:17 (regional only) = 3 hr 26 minutes
10:46 - 13:55 (regional only) = 3 hr 9 minutes

What you might not know... the saver fares for high-speed trains are non-refundable and train-specific - miss your pre-scheduled trains and you are out the price of the ticket and must then spring for a new ticket at the regular price. Not sure how far out your trip is, but getting locked into something that can't be changed is annoying IME.

The Bayern Ticket provides flexibility. You can leave at any hour if you decide to linger over breakfast that morning. You can break up the trip on the way (like in attractive Landshut) if you wish. Or you can take a detour or re-route your trip to travel via Munich instead, if you wished to stop over there for some reason.

The Bayern Ticket also covers other means of transportation. You can use the bus in Regensburg that morning to reach Regensburg station, if you wish... same if you were to stop over in Landshut or Munich.

The Bayern Ticket provides a small measure of "insurance" as well. Someone with a Bayern Ticket who unwittingly boards the wrong regional train (which DOES happen sometimes) will not be hit with a hefty fine for travel without a valid ticket. Not so with saver fares. Let's say you bought the 8:26 trip from Regensburg on a saver fare ticket and inadvertently boarded some other train to some other destination, at the wrong side of your designated platform or at the wrong platform sector. There's no way to talk your way out of the fact that the train you are riding is on a track segment that is not authorized by your ticket....

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The Trainline app appears to permit transfers from a Bayern to a high
speed (rail jet) train in Munich and not cost too much. (Alx to Rjx)
and saves an hr in time.

Any train connection on the Bahn website will permit transfers and any combination of trains.

Or am I missing somthing………

Are you looking at the 9:51 ALX from Regensburg to the RJX to Salzburg. It's listed at $81.81 on TL for a fully flexible ticket. Same ticket on the Bahn website is 67,90€ or $73.53. And that's for every person.

Or, you can use a Bayern-Ticket, spend an extra 45 minutes, and only pay 29€, or $31,41 for the first person, $10.83 more for each extra person.

Even if you get a Bayern-Ticket from TL, they'll charge you $34.63/person.

Trainline always charges more, then adds a booking fee.

No, buy your ticket directly from the Bahn.

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Can you purchase the Bayern Ticket on the internet in advance instead of the day of travel? (for a day in the future)

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Yes, of course. But make sure to select the correct date, as the ticket is not refundable.

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But make sure to select the correct date

My thoughts exactly. There is no advantage to buying a Bayern-Ticket (or any other Länder-Ticket) in advance. You don't save any money; it's always the same price, and they don't sell out. And they are non-refundable, so don't buy it until you know you are going to use it, that day.

You might be worried about having time to buy it in the morning, but it takes so little time. I almost never buy a Länder-Ticket in advance. A few times I've bought one the night before because I was sure I would use it the next day.