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Quick questions regarding train to Garmisch tomorrow

My family of 3 adults and 1 child (2yrs old) are planning a side trip to Garmisch tomorrow. I have looked on both the DB website and in the machines at the train station and can get round trip tickets for 27Euros for us all (little one travels free) but that is booking a specific train there (which is ok) and back. Is there any way to not book a specific train coming back to Munich? We're not sure how long we will be there and if it can be done that way it would be preferrable. Otherwise we'll just choose a time to return.

Once we get there is there a family pass to go up to the top of the mountain?

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I believe that the only 27€ ticket for a group of 3 adults from Munich to Garmisch is the Werdenfels-Ticket, which is like a Bayern-Ticket for a smaller area. It is not for specific trains. Rather it is for any desired regional trains in 2nd class for that entire day on certain routes, after 9 AM on workdays.

The Werdenfels ticket cost 19€ for the first (main) traveler and 4€ for each addition traveler. I'm not certain, but after reading the Conditions of Carriage, I think that if you take advantage of the "children free" with a Werdenfels-Ticket, you might be limited to the main adult and one additional co-traveler (not counting the children), but that's not what the Bahn ticket website says. Ask about that at a ticket counter.

The only train specific tickets I know of are the Savings Fare tickets, and those tickets must include at least one segment on a train of the Bahn (ICE/IC/EC/IR). Most trains on that line from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen are regional trains. And Saving Fare tickets for 3 adults (children are free) start at 39€ one way.

The website for the Bayern-Ticket indicates that you can get up to a 20% discount on entrance fee for museums, zoos, and Bergbahnen with a Bayern-Ticket valid that day. There used to be a list online of all the discounts, and I believe it included the Zugspitzbahn, but I can no longer find the list. You might ask at a ticket counter if they have a list. It's possible that a Bayern-Ticket for your party for 31€ (instead of a Werdenfels-Ticket) could save you more than the 4 extra euro on Zugsptitzbahn tickets.

Update: The website for the Bayern regional rail (Bahnland Bayern) says that children under 6 are free and uncounted with the Bayern-Ticket regardless of whether your use the Familien-Kinder option, or not.

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Sounds like Lee has you on the right track.

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Thank you Lee! I just went to the station and found it on the machine. You are always a great help!