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Questions Munich

  1. Do any churches in Munich have mass on Saturday nights?
  2. For the most part, are most places in Munich and Germany open on Sundays? I know the market is not in Munich. We will be there Mid May.
  3. Are the bike tours in Munich worthwhile and are they ok for the average nonbiker?

Thanks much!

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1) I can't say for certain "no", but I've never seen a church in Germany conduct mass at anytime other than Sunday morning, and the occassional holiday service.

2) Stores are usually closed on Sundays. You sometimes find Sunday morning markets, but they're not that common. Museums and other tourist-type attractions are usually open. Very few restaurants take the day off on Sunday.

3) Years ago, I took Mike's tour, and I found it disappointing as an actual tour of the city. I covered much of the same territory on foot the day before, and you only actually enter one building, a church. As a mechanism to link up with other travelers, it might be worthwhile, but as a thorough exploration of the city, you could do better to rent your own bike and pack a guidebook.

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  1. Yes, several of the churches downtown have Saturday night mass. Mass times are hung on the outside of the church. I know for certain that the Frauenkirche has one.
  2. Stores are closed on Sunday with very few exceptions. Museums and restaurants are open.
  3. Mike's Bike Tours are more entertaining than historically accurate. You are better off doing your own tour.
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I don't know about Munich, but all of the Catholic churches in downtown Frankfurt have Mass every day, and sometimes 2-3 times per day, and Frankfurt isn't anywhere close to being overwhelmingly Catholic, as any town in Bavaria might be.

There are other bike tours in Munich that seem to be getting better reviews than Mikes Bikes. If you are a non-biker though, why go on a bike tour, when you could go on a much more informative and accurate walking tour?

Stores in Germany are always closed on Sundays, except for on random Sunday Shopping days, and stores at main train stations, airports and souvenir stores near major tourist attractions. Museums tend to be closed on Mondays, as are some restaurants.

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  1. Bike Tours - you might have a look at the website for Radius Tours. They offer not only bike and walking tours, but also bike rentals, should you decide to go that route. Their office is in the Munich Hbf, near tracks 27-36.

For a more interesting experience, you might also consider trying a Segway Tour. They're a lot of fun and it sure beats walking or pedalling! The cost will likely be a bit higher though (I haven't checked the Segway rates in Munich recently).

You should be able to find information on Trip Advisor on which tours are "worthwhile".


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What is the best and most worthwhile day trip from Germany? We have one day for a day trip. We are spending few days in Salzburg already.

Thanks again for all the suggestions, you all have given nice recomendations and I have asked MANY questions. You will be glad when my trip gets here in May, no more questions :)

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You didn't specify what you were planning to do while in Munich, but some day tours that you could consider......

  • Dachau - If you're interested in that aspect of history.
  • The Castles - Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are easily reachable via public transportation from Munich. You'll travel by train to the small town of Füssen and then take a bus to the Castles.
  • Berchtesgaden - also not too far from Munich. In addition to a Salt Mine (which can be toured), there's also the famous Eagle's Nest and also the Dokumentation Centre & Bunkers. The town itself is small but quite picturesque.

Those are the day trip sites that come to mind at the moment.