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Question on Deodorant Soap in Europe, or lack of.

I looked in a couple of stores for something like Irish Spring in Germany and couldn't find any Deodorant Soap at all.

On our most recent trip to Germany I brought a little bar of Irish Spring and almost ran out! I plan on bringing a BIG bar next year but was curious if this type of soap might not be illegal in Europe.
Any Comments?

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Maybe the TV commercials were just so offensive to the Irish that they forced a ban across the EU?

I haven't seen any Lucky Charms on the shelves at European supermarkets either.

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For your lucky charm, you might want to pack a bar of your favorite soap and deo and skip the hunt for it when you get to Europe.

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My guess is that it isn't any more "deodorant" than any other soap. Just smellier. Maybe laws in Europe don't allow it to be advertised as such.

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you can find soap at any pharmacy or grocery store.

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Euros are money, how can they bathe?

Criminals in the US 'launder' money all the time; phred must have assumed the same happened in Europe.


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Is that money laundering done in cented or unscented detergent?

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10 points for Kenko.

To answer the question, I don't think you'll find border agents stopping you from bringing a bar of Irish Spring with you.

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Thanks to all!

Next year when in France we will continue our search for the soap We enjoy our visits to DM, Netto and Rossmanns.

I will definitely bring a full bar next year for our month of travels!

Be safe!