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Quality Restaurant for 20 Euros/pp or less near Dusseldorf Hbhf?

Any suggestions for a quality (prefer German cuisine as an option at least) within a 15 minute walk of the Hauptbahnhof in Dusseldorf that would be priced not much over 20 Euros a person that would be open on a Sunday evening? I will be with a group of 8.

I have been doing a bunch of online research, but keep finding food from other countries or too high priced options. I have the Rick Steves' 2013 Germany book at home in the US, but didn't bring it because I didn't know I would have to plan some of these small details. I wish I had it with me, I bet it has some good ideas!

Thank you!

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I can recommend Brauerei Schumacher in Oststrasse near the station. ( I can't find a menu on the site, but it should be possible to get under twenty euros per person with careful ordering (that is a bit ambitiously low nowadays in Germany for "quality" food).

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I think we'll be going for the German restaurant in the train station for cost reasons and time reasons. It has mixed reviews, but we'll give it a try. :)

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I always spend time checking out the restaurants online and in travel books. There again, I tend to micromanage my trips. I seldom eat at any restaurants I plan on eating at.

Just check with your hotel to see what restaurants they recommend in the area for the price range you want to be in.

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I dont know if youre already chowing down, but i ask the locals.

your mileage may vary (ymmv)

Happy trails.

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Last summer I stayed a couple of nights near Düsseldorf Hbf. in one of the small hotels (Bismarck Straße), had dinner at the Hbf. main restaurant, and found the food to be good, satisfactory. It's German cuisine since that's what you are looking for and not too pricey, eg, ca 9-10 Euro for a Schnitzel. Of course, ordering a Schnitzel in Düsseldorf is not comparable to a getting Schnitzel in Salzburg or Vienna.

Don't be surprised: on a Sunday night it will most likely be crowded, frequented by Germans. Düsseldorf Hbf. is one of the last ones to be refurbished with a food court, where Italian, Chinese, and other cuisines are available, but the station's standard, main German restaurant remained in keeping with the tradition of the old time Bahnhofgaststätte.