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Public transit after December 10, 2022

I'm planning a trip to Germany December 11 - 22 of this year and am hoping to travel largely by public transport. I've tried searching for routes on Deutsche Bahn and a few city public transit systems, and schedules all seem to end on December 10th. I've been keeping an eye on this for a couple of months and I don't think the schedule has been extended in that time. Does anyone know why this is or when the updated schedule will be published?

Thank you!

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Schedules are posted roughly six months at a time. There is little change from one time period to another. The updated schedules should post within the next month or so. Check back weekly.

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That's a little unusual - I was booking tickets in mid-December of 2021 for a May 2022 trip to Germany. I wonder if they are planning a price change or something.

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I just did some searching on German websites and it looks like the winter plan for the upcoming year will publish on 1. October.

About fare changes: the new government relief package that coalition partners have agreed to includes a follow-up offer to the 9-Euro-Ticket, though the details are under negotiation (as of now, it is said to be a ticket between 49 and 69 Euro per month, for all regional transport nationwide. It is said to be planned to come into effect by 2023, but all details are still under discussion). This won’t affect the DB long-distance trains of course.