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Private Driver from Munich International

We have decided not to utilize the train but to hire a a driver to transport us to our hotel. We keep finding posts (other forums) indicating that the cost of a taxi from the airport is more expensive than a private driver. Can anyone help us out with this?

  1. Are the taxis more expensive?
  2. Can someone suggest a private driver co?
  3. I'm close to hiring this co. please let me know if you know of a better co

Thanks so much for your help.

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I may be a little thrifty, but if I was again flying into Munich Airport and I was staying anywhere near the center city, I'd be taking the S-Bahn train to the main train station. There, I'd be catching a taxi to my hotel.
Why don't you Google the Munich Airport and see what they say about shuttle services which are less expensive than taxi's?

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Are the taxis more expensive?

Apparently not.

According to the website you gave us, the "Economy" offer is 71,57€, or $80.68 at today's exchange rate. That's for up to 3 people with up to 2 suitcases. gives the rate for a taxi at $62.22, before tip.

According to the MVV website, a Partner (up to 5 Pp) Day-Ticket would cost 23,30€ or $26.27. The Day-Ticket would cover any conveyances in town to get to your hotel, then any other travel you want in town for the rest of the day.

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I've taken a taxi from MUC into the city with a colleague when on business (we had to go strait to a meeting upon landing otherwise I always take the train) and I recall it was 70€. Private car probably only makes sense if you are going some place a taxi might not take you (like MUC to Regensburg) but MUC into the city is a pretty regular route.

Where is your hotel? If it's in Munich just take a taxi if the train is not an option.


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That web site is a limo service. It should cost more than a taxi.

(There aren't services like Uber pop in Germany, as they are seen as unlawful competition to taxi. Taxis have to follow a lot of regulations to make them a means of public transport, and companies like Uber tried to evade that, plus they made their "private" drivers illegally evade taxes and social security laws. So they had been sued by their competition and the state, and lost, and went out of business.)

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Thanks everyone I appreciate your help. For whatever reason I'm really have a mental block when it comes to visiting Germany. I haven't been like this with other countries. Generally I get a good feel and sense of the area and have a sense of direction etc. I don't know why this happens. I do recall I was totally lost when I visited Las Vegas. No clue why I could not get my sense of direction there. I had to look for sunrise mountain everyday to know where east was. I can't get my mind around Munich either. So I feel lost trying to get anywhere. So because of this...I voted on going with the business class private driver with Sixt but I did find a great discount so that saved me some money there. I sure hope that once i arrive I feel I have a better feel of the area. Thanks again!! :)