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pre-buy tickets for museums?

We are going to be in Rothenburg, Munich, and Fussen in May. We already have the castle pass to cover a good number of the locations, but there are some other places I'm wondering about.

For Rothenburg, do we need to pre-buy tickets for the Crime and Punishment museum for a Thursday in May? Or is that something we can be pretty confident just getting at the door?
For Munich, do we need to pre-buy online for the Art Museum (on Saturday)
And for the Tegelbergbahn, what about the cable car?

I appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I am more than willing to pre-buy when I need to (especially since some places need a timed ticket). But some of these have to be used on the day it is bought for, and I wasn't sure if it was an absolute necessity, or if some flexibility is smart. Or maybe it doesn't matter. :)


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I have not done the cable car, but the others we had no issue with just showing up.

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Which of the art museums do you mean? You can book tickets online for the Pinakotheken museums, for example, but it's not necessary. The money-saving combined ticket that includes the Pinakotheken, the Museum Brandhorst and the Schack-Galerie is only available at the ticket desk anyway.

Online tickets for the Tegelbergbahn are valid for one year from the date of purchase. But you can also simply buy them on site.

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Sorry, I meant the Pinakothek. My daughter is interested in older art.

It sounds like we will be ok just buying there.

Thanks! :)

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Sorry, I meant the Pinakothek.

I don't want to be pedantic, but there are three Pinakotheken, the "Alte" (the "old" one, 14th-18th century), the "Neue" (the "new" one, mainly 19th century, so from today's perspective probably "older" art; the now misleading name stems from the opening period) and the "Moderne" (contemporary art and design); it's probably not a bad idea to clarify with your daughter which one she wants to see ;)

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You should only need an advance purchase ticket if there is a special exhibit with a timed entry requirment.