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Prague to Dresden

Fully vaccinated US citizen. Will be traveling to Prague in late October. Obviously impossible to say how things will be then, but practically speaking how difficult will it be to take a 2 night trip from Prague to Dresden (by train) with covid restrictions and lines etc. I have seen the entry requirements and I think I have to just register and upload vaccination card. But these seem to be based on air travel and this will be train. Anyone been there lately ?

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My daughter and I just returned from our trip. We traveled by train to Prague from Dresden and then from Prague to Berlin. No problem what so ever. Once we entered the EU we were free to travel around without any problem. You are correct that who knows what the rules will be in the next month.
Have a safe trip.

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Great thanks!

Did you register with the German government before you left?
Any advice or recs for Dresden ?

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Depends on how the Czech Republic is then rated in terms of Covid risk. Everything may be well, but if they happen to have high numbers then (or vice versa), they may tighten the rules. With full vaccination though, you should be o.k..

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Yes, we registered two days before we departed. The site asked for our vaccination card to be uploaded.
Dresden is very walkable. We stayed in a hotel right in Altstadt and it was great. Lots of interesting things to see within walking distance.