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Passion Play

I understand that the passion play is happening this year in southern Germany. Some say it’s on their bucket list of events. Has anybody been and can talk a little bit about it? Wondering how long the show lasts.. Thanks! 😊

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I believe an actual show lasts between 4 and 6 hours with a break for dinner. If you are wondering how long it will last (be around), it's been around since 1633, so I guess it will last for a few more years.

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I went in May. The play began in the 1630's as noted above. The plague came to Oberammergau, and people died. The town made a promise to God to perform a passion play at regular intervals if he delivered them from the plague. The story goes that no one else in the town died after the promise.

The play is done in two 2.5-hour sessions -- one in the afternoon and one in the evening. These are separated by a 2.5-hour dinner break (as I recall). The cast is something like 1300 people from the town. There is a mixture of chorale singing and drama. It is performed in German, but you can get an English translation book and follow along.

Here's a thread on my experience:

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I went in May as well. It was a wonderful experience and I’m planning to go again in 2030 or maybe 2034 (not announced but extremely likely for the 400th anniversary.) if you go recommend two days so you have time to explore the town without feeling rushed. Right now the 2 parts are at 2;30 and 8:00 respectively. They moving the timing up in the fall. Make sure to get dinner reservations as well.

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I have a chance to get a low price round trip ticket to Munich in October. Wondering about booking one ticket for the Passion Plan and staying in the town for two nights as all seem to be recommending. What do you think my chances are of doing this successfully at this point, snagging a good ticket as a single doing independent travel, booking accomodations for myself etc? Any tips on good Air B & B's or hotels. I know I am doing this quite late in the game and so unsure as to whether I should even attempt it. It is my last chance though, I think age wise

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We visited the town on a day the play was not in session so you might check the schedule to see what days they are off.