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Part 2 to Bayern ticket question

Is the ICE train considered a regional train? In looking at the train schedule from Nurnberg to Munich early evening, I only see the ICE train. Can we use the Bayern ticket for this? Am I looking at the schedule wrong?

Thanks so much for your help

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My understanding is that the Bayern Ticket is not good on the ICE trains.

On the left side of the / web page there is a check-box option for "Schnelle Verbindung bevorzugen" ("prefer fast connection"). It's checked by default. Uncheck that box and check the one that says "Nur Nahverkehr" ("local transport only"), then try the search again. Those are the trains that use the Bayern Ticket.

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Unfortunately you can not use the ICE trains with the Bayern Ticket. Also, you must travel after 9:00am on weekdays with a Bayern Ticket so watch your departure times!

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Just check the box that says "only local transport" and update and you will see all the eligible trains and the "savings fare" column will default to show the Bayern Ticket price. You'll see some of these trains are as much as 3 hours to do this, or a little as 1 hour and 45 minutes, while some of the ICE trains do it in 67 minutes,

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Thanks all....very helpful. Do you need to validate the Bayern ticket each time you use it?

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If the Bayern-Ticket comes with the date printed on it, you can only use it for travel on that day, and there is no need to cancel (validate) it. (It will probably be too wide to fit in the machine, anyway.)

That (predated) would be true of tickets purchased at a counter or from a Bahn automat. I'm not so sure about tickets purchased from a metro district (MVV, VGN) automat. Some might not be dated and would require canceling. If the ticket has "Hier entwerten" printed on one end, it needs to be canceled once, before the first use.

There will also be a line for one person in the group to sign, in blockschrift (print your name). For the ticket to be valid, that person must be with the ticket.

Some years ago, the Bahn built a special high-speed line for the ICEs between Nürnberg and Munich. Every two hours a Regional Express (RE) runs between Nünrberg and Munich on that line I takes less than 1h45m.