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My adult daughters and I will be in Bavaria at the end of May and my daughters hope to paraglide while there. Does anyone have experience with or information about Fly Royal Paragliding? They hope to do the earlybird flight and then we would visit neuschwanstein castle. The RS guide states that the Munich day trippers via bus arrive around 11:15 and RS suggests visiting before that; but since we can't do that, I'm wondering how the crowds are late in the day? Can someone comment on a late afternoon visit to the castle?

I would also like general comments about whether the castle tour is really worthwhile. What did you like/dislike about it? How would you rate it on a 1-10 scale? How does the experience compare to that of Linderhoff Palace, which I assume is less crowded.

We would also like suggestions on things to do between the paragliding in the morning and an afternoon castle tour. We have a car so could easily travel a couple hours' roundtrip from the caste. Are there other quaint villages in the area besides Fussen?


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Stay in the little villGe of Schwangau-Horn out in the country side with farms and cows and bicycle paths through the meadows. Look at Hotel Helmerhof or Hotel Rubazahl. They both have nice views of the castles and wonderful restaurants and they both have bicycles. Reserve your neuschwanstein visit time online so the crowds won’t affect you.

Even though I think Linderhof is much nicer to can you go to Neuschwanstein and not visit??

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"We would also like suggestions on things to do between the paragliding in the morning and an afternoon castle tour."

One possibility would be to hike up the hill to Marienbrücke as that provides great views of Neuschwanstein. You could also take a tour of Hohenschwangau, the "other" castle in that area.

If you're interested in the history of Neuschwanstein, IMO a tour is worthwhile. The castle was never really "lived in" but has an interesting and somewhat mysterious history.

Regarding the "crowds", they shouldn't be a problem. When you buy your tickets for the tour, these will include an appointment time for entry, so there won't be hordes of people entering at the same time. If you're not at the gate at your appointed time, you won't be getting into the castle. Be sure to allow time to walk up the hill to the castle (as I recall, there's a horse drawn wagon also, but can't remember the details).

One important point to mention regarding Paragliding. Many travel medical insurance policies do not cover "high risk" activities. Although it's a very safe activity, it's worthwhile to cover all the bases in case something happens. The Paragliding company may have their own insurance so you may be covered by that. In any case, it's something that's worth checking.

Happy travels!

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If you like to hike, a pleasant, easy hike around Alpsee or even Hopfensee (about a fifteen minute drive away). I'd also try to see Hohenschwangau Castle, it has a nice interior. Lunch at the Hotel Muller or the brewpub in Schwangau.

Walk up to Marienbrucke by the side path, cross the bridge and hike about twenty minutes or so further up the hill. There you can take a few photos looking down at the castle, something which few people do.

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Alicia, I've been there three times: only the first time was voluntary. I'm one of those who think the best part of N-stein is seeing it from the outside. Its worth noting that the actual tour inside is 20-30 minutes. That's a short time for the effort it takes to get the tickets, climb the hill, and wait. No lingering inside either. Rating it a 3. But for kids and the fewer and fewer people who grew up with Disney, it might be more interesting.

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If you're into paragliding, I think you'd really enjoy visiting Tegelberg. It's about a 5-10 minute drive from Neuschwanstein. My hisband and I went last summer and did the luge course, then took the cable car to the top where we enjoyed a cold beer, beautiful views and
watching the para gliders jump from the summit.


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Thank you for all the responses.

I have a few more questions. We may just try to see Neuschwanstein from the Marienbrucke. Can the bridge be accessed any time of the day? If not, what are the hours? Is the bridge a one-way bridge? Does the bridge have to be crossed to get down to the castle - I can't tell by the map in the RS 2018 Germany book. The RS suggestion is to get to the castle early, but I'm wondering whether crowds thin out late in the day as well. If so, any idea what time? Can the Castle courtyard and grounds be toured without an entrance ticket?

Thanks again.

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A few years ago, I stayed in the village of Steinach in the community called Pfronten, about a half hour by bus from Füssen. I went up the Breitenberg gondola, and from the top there were a whole lot of paragliders (called Drachenfliegen in German) flying from up there.

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“Can the bridge be accessed any time of the day” - yes, best before 7:00am and after 6:00pm to miss the crowds.

“Does the bridge have to be crossed to get down to the castle?” - No, a fork and slight descent from the main path/road up, whichever you decide to take.

“Can the Castle courtyard and grounds be toured without an entrance ticket” - no formal grounds as such, I don’t recall if tour groups meet before entering the courtyard or not.

“Is the bridge a one-way bridge?” - No, but a friendly warning. On odd occasions a bridge keeper appears out of nowhere, usually on a misty morning or on a clear night when the moon’s holding water. A Gandalf type dressed in a long grey cloak and a pointy, floppy-brimmed hat, he stands guard on the east side of the bridge leading further up into the woods. He charges fifty euros to cross his path, or three bottles of Neuschwansteiner Dunkel – that’s one of the reasons I recommended visiting the village brewpub in my previous post, they can tell you all about him in there and sell you his favoured tipple. It is said that his rich voice bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the actor Brian Cox, who has a vacation home on Hopfen Am See and is known to have a wicked sense of humour.