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Over night train Munich to Paris

Can you please confirm that there is no longer an overnight train between Munich and Paris? (Jan. 2016 travel) Thanks

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There is no "overnight train" where you get on at one end and sleep and get off at the other.

You can go "overnight" if you don't mind being awake most of the night. Mondays through Thursdays you can take a combination of trains taking 13 and a half hours with a 15 minute change of trains in Mannheim at 10:30 pm, followed by 4:24 at Saarbruecken Hauptbahnhof between midnight:19 to 04:43 and another change at Strasbourg taking 24 minutes at 6:22, arriving at Paris Gare de l'Est at 9:05. Or you can do it all an hour faster by taking a 25 minute bus in the middle of the night between small towns and a 6 minute connection on arrival at Forbach, then a little train to Metz. If you do that you only have a 4:01 wait at Saarbruecken Hauptbahnhof.

Or you can take the just over 6 hours high speed daytime straight through - very fast, very comfortable.

Are you particularly short of time so you need travel at night?

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The night train between Munich and Paris used to be run by City Night Line (CNL), a whole owned subsidiary of Germany Rail. It looks like it has been discontinued. Here is a map of the night trains that are still running in Germany, including CNL and Euronight.

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That Munich to Paris CNL night train is unfortunately no more since Dec. 2104. Luckily , I took it before that happened. From Munich going in that general direction by night train is still the Munich-Amsterdam route. If you want to go Munich to Paris, I would suggest taking the early Munich-Frankfurt Hbf ICE train, getting there by noon, have time for lunch, (I prefer Frankfurt to Mannheim Hbf), and then take the ICE Frankfurt Hbf to Paris Est, arriving by 16:50. It depends how you want to tailor the route. This way you change once at Frankfurt Hbf.