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Over 70 Car Rental

Hello folks,

I am trying to check out a rumor that some car rental companies operating in Europe do not permit drivers over 70 years old to rent a car in Europe. Is this true? If so, how can I learn which companies will not rent a car to the 70 year-old that I am and which ones will?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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It is true. I know because it happened to me.

I think it is more by country than rental car company. I remember at the time I Googled it and found information online. Other than that, all you can do is call the rental car companies in the country you are interested in. Do NOT talk to anyone stateside as they may / probably will not know what they are talking about.

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Rental for older people is possible but sometimes there are special tariffs and insurances.
Easy: Just use car rental price engines like the German Billiger Mietwagen - also for other countries - and change age setting before starting the search.
Good luck.

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It's true . The best route ( no pun intended ) to take is to read the fine print from any company you are considering . I'm in the UK now and rented from a company that allows a no questions asked or special requirements until the age of eighty . When I did my initial research , I found that many companies were restrictive with age to varying degrees . I'm 77.

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My husband has driven in Germany,France,Belgium,and Austria. He is 74 and we have not been charged any extra because of his age when renting from Avis,Sixt,Hertz, and Enterprise. So far, so good. I did call Enterprise and ask since I noticed a statement about it, but the said they only charge extra for those under 25.

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If you go to the AutoEurope or Kemwel car rental sites, there is a place on the booking form where it asks about your age. They will show only the companies that don’t have age restrictions.

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I'd suggest contacting as I'm sure they'll be able to answer your questions about age restrictions. I believe they have a toll free number, or you can contact them via their website.

Their downloadable free car rental guide states.....

"There is no upper age limit for renting a car in most countries. However, a few companies in Ireland, the U.K., Denmark, and certain eastern countries won’t rent to older drivers, though exceptions are often possible. Minimum renting age ranges from 19 to 24 and in most cases drivers in this age range must pay extra fees and/ or purchase CDW."

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I want to thank everyone who responded to my question. As several of you suggested, I found my way to a booking website that asks for the driver's age. After entering all the driver's information, we selected a car. I feel more assured that when we go to pick up the car in Munich, that all will go well. I really appreciate the carefully considered advice that was given.

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Yes some companies in some countries have senior surcharge. You have to check each and every combination because they vary. Read the fine print.

At age 70, I rented cars in France in 2022 and twice in 2023 with no surcharge. Hertz / Enterprise / Budget.

Now I am researching Slovenia for 9/2024. Finding lots of fine print.
Sixt: no surcharge;
Budget & Avis: no surcharge;
Enterprise 40 Euros per rental 70+;
AutoUnion 10 Euros per day for 66+
Europcar for age 70-80 25 Euros per rental
Most do not ask your age at booking but when they examine your driver's license *the surcharges will commence!* And you are stuck paying them.