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Oktoberfest, staying outside Munich but near train

We are looking for best place to stay outside of Munich, but near train to Munich. Any suggestions?

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Best? Lowest price, most convenient? Unfortunately, that's everyone's goal. So the more convenient, the more expensive.

6½ years ago, I spent the last Saturday night here, in the town of Landsberg am Lech. I wasn't going to Oktoberfest, I was touring the Romantic Road, but there are trains, about 2 per hour, from Landsberg into Munich Hbf (45-55 min, 1 change) and they hadn't raised their prices for Oktoberfest.

Here is the S-Bahn network map of Munich. The towns on the S-Bahn lines are a direct trip to the Hbf. Look for accommodations in one of these towns.

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Another place to consider is Rosenheim, it's about 70 km or 45 miles east of Munich, population of about 61,000, the trains run quite often throughout the day and cost about 13 euro, the travel time is about 30-40 minutes roughly.

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I think that you'd do better to stay in Munich proper. The extra cost in money and time to commute back and forth to the city isn't worth it, in my opinion.
I have stayed in Munich during Oktoberfest and did not find it overly crowded nor extra expensive.

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For either Landsberg or Rosenheim, you best deal for the train RT to Munich Hbf is the Bayern-Ticket.

I've been in Munich both during and not during Oktoberfest. I thought it was significantly more crowded during Oktoberfest. And that's why I see hotel prices twice the normal rate during Oktoberfest.

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There are obviously many good choices. We have stayed in Landshut twice and really enjoyed it. It is about 45-50 minutes north of Munich by regional trains using the same Bayern Ticket that Lee mentioned. For a short stay, I think that I like it better than Munich.

We had exceptional meals at the Augustiner an der St Martins Kirche and the Hofbräuhaus. We also had a good stay at the Cafe Himmel.

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I would suggest staying Munich itself, lots of good cheap places near the main station. If not, then I suggest Augsburg.

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If you can't find anything in Munich but want to be relatively close, you might have a look at THIS Hotel in Moosach. It's on the rail line to the airport so easy access to the S-Bahn. I believe it also has a U-Bahn station, so very convenient. I've never stayed there, but it looks nice and the prices seem reasonable.

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And the price for 2 folks at "this hotel" is 49 € per nite on 14 Sep (before the 'Fest) and 149€ per nite on 28 Sep (during the 'Fest)... buyer beware!!!

I have stayed in Augsburg, Inglestadt, and Garmisch and taken the train to and from the 'Fest. The train station (Hauptbahnhof) is about 6 blocks from the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich so it is easily walked ...Just be sure to get on the right train on the return trip!!!

Have a great trip!!!

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If you can book a Munich hotel now, four months ahead, then you will know that it's done and at what price. I'd make a good search before branching out to the suburbs.

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My husband lived in Munich 8 years and he says he knew of people who had to stay in Salzburg (!) during Oktoberfest. If you can find someplace OK with no cancellation penalty I'd lock in something now.