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Oktoberfest September 28

Hi Everyone, my wife and I are attending Oktoberfest for the first time this year and are just learning about the reservation system. We are too late to get a table reservation on our own for this year, but was wondering if anyone happens to have one with two extra spots available for Saturday, September 28th? Let me know if so and if we could join you! We are 39 and 38, from Texas.

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Reservations are only accepted for groups of 10 or more. If you go before about 3:00 pm, you can sit at any table until the people for the reservation show up. I think you're idea of offering to join another group is a good one. Last year we traveled as a large family group and I was successful in obtaining a reservation.

On a side note, about 6 weeks prior to our travel, I received a bill for the food and drink we expected to consume. The bill was in excess of $500!! I cancelled our reservation because of our tight connections coming from our bike tour and we were not sure we would make it on time and we didn't want to pre-pay and then not be able to attend.

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You're unlikely to find anyone on this forum that has a table reservation for a tent on that specific day, let alone with room for y'all.

There are tour companies that rent tables in advance, and for a Saturday, that would be your best bet for getting the full Oktoberfest experience. Your other option is to go early (when fest opens) and wait in line to get into a tent, and be prepared to exit when the reservation start. Weekends are tough at any popular fest. Best option is to try to rearrange your trip to visit on a weekday if possible.

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If it's just the two of you there are a few more options.

  1. There is open seating on the patios outside of the tent.
  2. You can politely ask a table if there is room (some groups can be very accommodating), or bribe them with a round.
  3. Tip a waitress to find you a spot.

My wife and I have done a combination of all of the above and have never had an issue on the weekends, but week days are much easier.

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Thanks everyone! We are going to try our luck for a table both days! Hopefully with a little kindness and luck we can get in.

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We also were there without a reservation - we were able to get in and kind people let us join them. It was great! It was easier at the 'wine' tents which were towards the back. But we also really enjoyed the food booths- esp the grilled mackerel.