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Nuremburg this May

Visiting Nuremburg for two full days: Sat May 13 and Sunday, May 14. Depart early on May 15.
We are historians. And we like to see how a town is lit at night. We have a car.

We plan to visit: the castle, the Fine Arts Museum, the Durer House, St. Lawrence Cathedral, Nuremburg rally location (Triumph of the Will), Nazi Congresshall and Nazi Documentation Center, tour the underground cellars where the Nazis stored art, Nuremburg trials location.

Do we need advance tickets for any of the above?
Is there a place in the above that we should skip?
Are there tours for any of the above?
Can you suggest restaurants near the above?

We are staying at the Karl August Hotel. Any restaurants nearby that you might recommend?
Thanks for any help and hints you can give.

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I'm sure the Hotel did mention that you have to park your car in the public garage (directly at the hotel). A car is not necessary in Nuremberg, so I would leave it there during the visit.

What is the Fine Arts Museum in Nuremberg?
I took part in the Felsengänge tour (rock-cut cellars) a few years ago and I really liked it. But nobody mentioned that something was hidden there. The cellars served in WWII as an air raid shelter. But maybe you are talking about other cellars, the guide forgot to mention it or I did not listen carefully :-)

I would check out pages and find out if advanced ticket is necessary. I remeber for the Felsengänge tour it was necessary but for the Neues Museum (art) it was not.

Only you can decide what really interests you or what you can skip. I would definitely (even at night) stroll the old town an enjoy.

If I'm not mistaken visiting the Felsengänge was only possible with a tour. And I would recommend to book a guide to show you arround in the old town. Nuremberg's history is quite impressing.

I assume that others have good suggestions as far as restaurants are concerned.
But what I really liked was Fränk'ness, Königstraße 70. It is a kind of bistro owned by a well known German Michelin Star chef. There he serves Franconian and other specialties with a modern interpretation at a very good price.

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We’re in Nuremberg right now. The only thing we pre-booked was the WWII art bunker. That has pretty limited access and the tours do sell out. Note that the tour is only in German - for us English speakers, they give us a little audio guide and we listen to that while the guide speaks in German to the rest of the tour. We definitely got less information than the live tour participants but we were still glad we went.

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OK so the Art Bunker seems to be a different tour then the one I did. You never stop learning :-) Valerie is it ok to take photos during the tour?

EDIT: I've just read it and it's allowed for private use. Very nice :-)

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I stayed in Nürnberg last year for 4 nights and ate at one restaurant called Literaturhaus for at least 4, maybe 5 meals. It is on Luitpoldstraße near the Altstadt and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many of the people I saw in there were Germans - in fact, on several occasions there were groups of locals there for various events - one was a book club meeting and another one was a birthday party for a woman who was turning 90. The book club group was sitting near me and told me that they meet there regularly (we spoke in German, although the servers speak English).

The food was very good - lots of German entrees - and a large and varied menu. I was there once for breakfast, once for lunch and at least twice for dinner. I really enjoyed eating here.

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If you are historians, I don't think you've allowed enough time for Nuremburg. We deep dive into history, too, and with three days in Nuremburg weren't able to do everything we wanted to. The trials location is very dense - we originally allotted a morning for it. We had tickets for a walking tour that afternoon, so we have to leave before we finished and ended up going back the next morning to finish up (for a total of at least six hours, likely more). What about the Germanisches Nationalmuseum? That is also amazing and I think unmissable for those with a deep interest in history.

We basically devoted at day to the rally grounds/documentation center, a day to the trial museum, and a day to Germanisches Nationalmuseum, with a few other little things like the walking tour. Consider careful what your priorities are for your time there.

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Here’s another vote for the German National Museum! That place is fabulous and you need at least a few hours in there. What a collection of stuff!!!!!!!!!