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Nuremberg tips?

We have a 24 hour overnight in Nuremberg, and have never been there. Staying down near the train station so we’ll have easy access to drop our bags. What do you recommend we do with our short time to really get a feel of the city? Thanks for your help!

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Nuremberg is very charming and you can get a good feel for the city by just walking, since most of the major sites are within the Altstad. Take a map (or use your phone's map) and head towards the city center. If you just start walking, you will come across Lorenzkirche, an ornate huge old church that was once Catholic but is now evangelical Lutheran. Much of the church was bombed during World War II, but they restored it to its original grandeur.

There is also the Holy Ghost hospital (Heilig-Geist-Spital), which sits on the river. It was built in the 14th century to care for the sick, disabled and elderly citizens of the town. Nearby is the Shöner Brunnen, which means “beautiful fountain”. Because the old slaughter houses and even the hospital dumped very unsanitary things into the river, the town build the fountain to provide clean drinking water to the square. And of course they made it as ornate and beautiful as possible.

I recommend visiting the toy museum, which is charming and has so many interesting items. I also loved the German National Museum, which houses some original Dürer and Rembrandt paintings, and several pieces by Tilman Riemenschneider, a gifted sculptor from the 15th and 16th century.

I doubt you will have time to visit the Documentation Center, since it's on the outskirts of town, but if WWII history interests you, it's well worth a stop.

By the way, I also recommend Literaturhaus for dinner (and breakfast if you don't eat at your hotel). It's very near the hotels by the train station so it's probably close to yours. I ate there 3-4 times during my 4 night stay in Nuremberg and loved it. Wonderful menu with a variety of items (their Wiener Schnitzel is excellent), and a lot of locals eat here.

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More that I forgot:

If you like Albrecht Durer, his house has been turned into a museum. I did not visit it but have heard good things about it. It sits near the top (north end) of the Aldstadt.

Near there is a street called Weissgerbergasse, which is lined with very colorful half-timbered buildings. Definitely make a point of walking through it - it's incredibly charming! Here's a photo of it.

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Near there is a street called Weissgerbergasse, which is lined with very colorful half-timbered buildings.

... and while you're there, stop by for information at no. 10, the office of the "Alstadtfreunde" (friends of the historical center), an organization that is the driving force behind the preservation and renovation of historic buildings (they are currently restoring the mighty Pilatushaus, the largest surviving medieval craftsman's house, just across from the Dürerhaus).

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I asked Google's AI service 'Bard' for an answer to your question.

This is, I'm afraid, rather a collection of commonplaces characteristic of this kind of "artificially intelligent" programs:

  • "arrive at Nuremberg Airport (NUE) and take the train or bus to the city center."

In most cases impossible due to lack of flights to this small airport. Transport to the city is by subway only.

  • "check in to your hotel near the train station."

If you are a fan of soulless chain hotels, this is a good tip. Otherwise, look for a hotel inside the walls, it's not far from the train station either.

  • "visit the Imperial Castle"

More precisely, that is a complex of three castles (imperial, margravial, municipal) built against each other. You need to know this to understand the point of the whole complex.

  • "visit the Albrecht Dürer House, the birthplace of the famous German Renaissance artist."

Wrong. Dürer bought the house in 1509.

  • "enjoy a traditional German beer in a beer garden."

There is nothing in the center of Nuremberg that one would call a beer garden in Franconia or Bavaria.

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Here's my list of stuff to see, mostly inside the old city walls.

The Train Museum
The Toy Museum
The Kunst Quarter
The Stadtpark
Westfriedhof - Cemetary
Johannis Friedhof – Tomb of Albrect Durer
The Cupernicus Planetarium
The Tiergarten
Kristall Palm Beach (not really in your focus, but a lot of fun...)
The Water Gate
Imperial Castle & Gardens
National Germanic Museum
City Walls
Beautiful Fountain (Schonnebrunnen)
Gansemannchen Fountain
St. Giles Church Frauenkirche
Albert Durer House
City Museum (Fembo House)
Tiergarten Tor - Medieval Square Frauntorturn District - half timbered houses
Weibergasse Street
Weinstadel House
Zum Guldenen Stern
Nassauer House
tugenbrunnen Fountain
Museum Bridge
St Sebaldus Kirche

You might also want to check the calendar for the Messecentrum and see if they have a show going on while you are planning on being there. First, because that affects hotel availability and pricing, and second in case it's something you're interested in.

As for a walk, If you up the main street across the plaza from the Bahnhof towards the main square (where there's always an open air market in the mornings) you can walk from there along the Pegnitz river to the left, and across the Trodelmarkt island. then go over to the walls and walk uphill and you'll come to Albrecht Durer's house. Then if you follow the walls (they curve to the right) uphill again you'll see the main walk to the castle and it's gardens. You can do all of that in an hour if you don't stop, but you should take your time. Then straight downhill will take you back to the main square and St Sebaldus'. You can do this walk in the daytime, but it's just as interesting in the evening or at night.