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Night Watchman's Tour in Rothenburg odT, high season crowds?

We will be in Rothenburg for three nights in early July. (Staying at one of Rick's recommendations, for the first time ever!) I read a review of the tour (Trip Advisor I think...) where the reviewer said it was so crowded that they couldn't hear the guide and gave up. Has anyone taken the tour in July, or otherwise found it crowded? Would love some opinions and maybe strategies to make the most of it.

I hate travelling in high season, but I have a high schooler and it's not reasonable to take her out early. Her last exam is June 25th (we end really late!).

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We decided against doing it the first Saturday in Oct. because there was a large crowd. However we had done the tour years before so it wasn’t a must.

I would try to do it and try to stick close to him.

There is also an Executioner’s tour which is fun, but not as much as the Watchman’s

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We did the tour a few summers ago. I would just try to stay close to him. It was a lot of fun for our family. Rothenburg is a wonderful place to visit.

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We've taken the Night Watchman's tour twice, both times on RS tours. We followed the strategy Stephen and Jeannie suggested, and it worked just fine. Stay as close to the watchman as you can, and you'll be able to hear.

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We did it in late June and had no problem hearing. Don’t be shy about walking around the group to stay close to the guide. People tended to lag, and the guide often had to wait for people to gather around. I highly recommend it!

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Agree with all above. Just push up to the front and stay close. He has a very large voice and projects very well. It really is very informative and he has a subtle sense of humor.

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Excellent! Thank you all, I won't worry about it, and we'll stay near the front.