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Nice town near Munich prior to return airport

My wife and I will be visiting her German cousins in Dresden in September and flying home from Munich on Sept. 19. We will leave Dresden by train on Sept. 17 and return to somewhere near Munich so we can be close enough by train to get to the airport on Sept. 19 to fly out at noon. Oktoberfest begins on Sept. 17 so prices for lodging are higher and not in abundant supply in the city of Munich. Do you know a town near Munich that would be a good place to spend two nights but also close enough to the airport so we can take the train to the airport on our day of departure without a lot of worry? Thanks.

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Regensburg or Landshut
There is an hourly train connection (RE22) from Regensburg (1h 27min) via Landshut (41min) to Airport Munich.
It’s a direct train without the need to go via Munich main station.
Regensburg is a beautiful city with a Unesco World Heritage old town, well worth a visit.

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Thank you Paul. We have been to Regensburg but it has been many years. That is a great suggestion.

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Been to Regensburg? I would recommend Landshut then. We will be traveling by car with family visiting Austria, but after we will overnight in Landshut before the Munich airport the following morning. Landshut is nice for two days and has easy access to the Munich Airport. We enjoy the Weihnachtsmarkt there. We made these plans when a Covid test was still required for reentry into the US.

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Regensburg is one of our favorite towns in Germany. Landshut is also great for a stay. I will add one to the list, Freising. It is along the same train line and closest to the Airport (about 12 min). There is also a bus (Bus 635) to the airport from the train station every 20 minutes that takes 17 minutes.

We stay at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof (a dozen times) which has a good 6 AM breakfast before our flight. We also really like the Wirthaus Hüber for our last dinner in Germany. Good food, personnel and atmosphere.

For principal sights the small town has the Domberg (cathedral on the hill) and the Weihenstephan Brewery with its gardens.

Fresing is great for a last night but not much longer.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. We actually stayed in Freising at the hotel you named in 2017 when we were in Germany. It was a great place to stay and we did enjoy the town and its closeness to the airport for our flight the next day.