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Neuschwanstein tour from Munich

We want to visit Neuschwanstein on a day trip while we are in Munich. We are only finding Viator and I don't want to book through them. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good tour group for a day trip?


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Wife and I used these guys in June 2014:

It was our first tour of this type and it was great! Max of 8 people I believe, and though the castle was much more for my wife I most enjoyed the farm on the way back with some cheese, meat, and beer. Comfortable ride, stops in-between so you're never on the road for an immense amount of time. After paying for other activities on our vacation this one felt like a steal of deal!

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The only sane way to do a trip to Neuschwanstein, in my opinion, is to do it yourself, using public transportation. It's so easy. Why pay someone Viel Geld to plan it for you? A couple can come out on the train, tour Neuschwanstein for 52€ (including admission tickets) vs at least 156€ for an organized tour, and save over $100.

In fact, with good planning and reserving the castle tickets in advance, you can see both castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, in a day, and also spend some time walking around Füssen.

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Viator is a re-seller of other peoples tours.

If you look on Trip Advisor you will find a number of companies offering tours to Neuschwanstein. Read the up to date reviews and see if any of them offer what you are looking for.

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I'd suggest having a look at Radius Tours as they provide excellent tours to Neuschwanstein as well as other historic sites in the area such as Dachau. You'll still travel by train but they take care of all the tickets as well as the timed reservations for the castle tour. The nice thing about the tours is that the guide can provide the history of the castles before you get there, and that makes for a more interesting experience (IMO).

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I will also recommend Radius...although my trip isn't for a few weeks...but they seem great online and easy to deal with. I have the Neuwachtstein trip, the Nuremburg one, plus two half days (Munich tour, Dachau) and a beer dinner.

Lee, I have done similar group day trips around London and Edinburgh and love them. I don't want to rent a car and figure out where I'm going...I sit back, learn from what the driver is saying, or maybe get some shut eye. Love them.

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It just seems like such a big waste to pay someone a lot of money to do something for you that you can so easily do for yourself. Tourist are viewed as having too much extra money, and there are lots of people (pickpockets, merchants, tour operators) trying to figure out how to relieve them of it.

I've done both Neuschwanstein and Dachau by myself and feel it was the best way.

I agree about not renting a car, but the train gets you to Hohenschwangau almost as fast and is timewise more reliable, and you don't have to figure out the route, just the schedule. The train driver knows the way. And you take the same castle tour either way. Plus you have a little more flexibility to stay later, explore Füssen, have dinner, see the other castle, etc.

As for Dachau, it's so easy to take the S-Bahn to Dachau Bahnhof and catch the bus from there. You're probably going to be using public transportation in Munich that day anyway and will need an inner zone day ticket (you might even need it to get to the Hbf or wherever the outside tour starts). A day ticket for the inner 2 zones is only a couple of euro more. And the 2½ hour tour is only 3€. No one has ever been able to show me that the outside tours are any better than the tours given by the Memorial itself.

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It's also interesting to note that ONLY the castle personnel give tours of the castle. No matter if you buy a guided tour from Mike's Bikes, Viator, Radius - they only take you as far as the castle and drop you off at the base. From there you have to either walk, buy a bus ticket, or pay the horse and buggy guy to get you UP almost to the castle. Then you have to walk the remaining bit where you wait for your number (on your ticket) to be called. You'll line up in the appropriate queue and then a castle representative comes out and takes you in.

So really, if you buy a guided tour from a tour company, all they're doing is providing you with transportation which you could so easily do yourself (I've done it multiple times)

Now as a side note...we DID sign up with Mike's bike tours. We rode their chartered bus down and then had a bike ride and lunch all around Horn Schwangau before we headed up to the castle. Mike's Bikes is a fun alternative to the otherwise bland castle tour experience.

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And costs 110€ more for 2 adults.

When I went there on my own, I arrived just before noon and scheduled a tour for about 2 hours later. Then we had a nice lunch at Hotel Müller, right in Hohenschwangau, before walking up to the castle.