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Neuschwanstein help

Just checked and there are no tickets available online for December 6 or 7 to tour the castle. Would love to just take the train instead of signing up for a day trip bus tour. Anyone have any experience buying tickets at booth the day of? Sure don’t want to travel two hours and not get a ticket. Thanks!

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Where did you check? On the Hohenschwangau website, it appears that since they are changing over to a new reservation system where you will be able to get your tickets online (in 2020), that they are no longer taking reservations for any days in December. I don't think that means that it will not be able to get tickets at the kiosk, but just that they are no longer taking reservations. So, yes, if these are busy dates, you might get there and find out that all tickets for that days have already been sold.

I suggest that you write to them at info(at), and ask them the probability that tickets will not be available when you get there. They will understand an email in English.

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We took a tour that left Munich train station to the castle. The tour included guided train travel wih the tour guide, tickets into the castle and hassle free. I believe the name of the tour as the Neuschwastein Castle Excursion from Munich. In the description is states travel from Munich is by train. We really enjoyed it and you have the option of hiking vs seeingthe castle as well.

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You can eliminate the risk of not getting in by going elsewhere. That's may be a good idea anyway. 4.5 hours round trip on trains and buses + the walk up + the high ticket price... for a 25 - 30-minute walk through? And it's not a genuine castle but a palatial residence with a faux castle exterior, just 5 years older than Walt Disney (born 1901) would be today - and in truth, it's no more a castle than the one in the Disneyland amusement park. Someone mentioned hiking - but in December? The lengthy walk up alone sounds pretty nippy. Do you have any additional plans for this area that would make the trip worthwhile?

Here's a palace option that is far more practical from central Munich, one that won't leave you ticketless, that costs less (only €8.50,) offers more to see, do and learn, and leaves you time for other activities on that day:

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Is this still 5 ladies on a Christmas Market trip?
If you go on Saturday, Dec 7, you can get a Bayern Ticket for 51 EUR to cover all of you and take the 5:52 am train to Fuessen, then the bus up to Neuschwanstein and be at the ticket office by 8:30. Even if they can't get you in until the afternoon, there are other things to do there. There is the "other" castle, Hohenschwangau. Also the Museum of the Bavarian Kings and several restaurants. Or take the bus back to Fuessen and check out their Christmas Market. You can go back to Munich any time. The last direct train is at 6:05 pm, and there are connections back to Munich as late as 10:33 pm. The Bayern Ticket will still be valid for the return.

I guess everybody has to go to Neuschwanstein once, it is on virtually every German travel poster. Some friends were in Munich last week for the first time on business, but they found time to go. If there are indeed 5 of you, at least one is going to be extremely disappointed if they don't get to see it and you will have to listen to it forever. 10.20 EUR per person for all your transport costs, how can you go wrong?

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Thanks everyone! And yes we are the 5 Christmas market gals! I think we have most things nailed down now.... and prob will make the trek starting early in the morning and possibly taking a detour thru oberagammau ( sp) on the return

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We were there in July 2017 and purchased tickets for both castles the morning of by getting in line just before the ticket booth opened. Even if you aren't able to get a ticket, you could still walk up to the castles and view from the exterior.