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Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen to Lake Como via Bernina Express?

Hi everyone! We are going for weeks next May for our 30th anniversary and are trying to find the best way to get from the castle to Lake Como. I have heard wonderful things about the Bernina express. Any tips on where I can pick it up and how close to Como it can get us? Thanks so much!

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The Bernini Express goes from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy.

You would need to travel from Fussen to Chur, which is at least 4.5 hrs by train. Then catch the Bernina Express (2 departures daily: morning and early afternoon). Then get from Tirano to Lake Como. You can go from Tirano to Varenna on Lake Como in about 1.5 hours. The site is helpful in identifying transportation options.

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If you look at the train route now, you will see a bus connection at some point in Italy (Colico IIRC): this is due to engineering work, it will be over by next May.
It is still a very long day when the train is fully functional, but if train connections to get to Chur work all right, it should work.

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If you add an overnight somehwere along the route this will be easily doable and a wonderful experience. Trains from Füssen to Chur, maybe explore this interesting town and stay overnight here, or jump on the next regional train (no need to catch one of the two daily Express trains - the regional trains need no reservation and run the same route) to St. Moritz. You could stay overnight there or in one of the nearby villages along the route (Samedan, Pontresina) also. From St. Moritz train to Tirano (over Bernina pass). In Tirano take a regional train to Lake Como, maybe Varenna, and ferry from there to Como. As the previous poster wrote, the construction works will be finished next summer.

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Thank you all so much! Would it be faster to rent a car and drive from Fussen, then drop off and take a train from Chur? This is all super helpful/

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That option could be doable as long as you realize that you will pay a hugely hefty fee for dropping a German or Austrian car in Switzerland and that you need to buy a CHF40 (approx 40€) Vignette for driving on Swiss highways. And an Austrian 10€ Vignette for the bit through Austria. You will also be driving through Liechtenstein but that is covered by the Swiss Vignette.

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And an Austrian 10€ Vignette for the bit through Austria.

Since 2019, you don't have to buy a vignette for the transit from Lindau to the Swiss border at Hohenems and v.v. any more.