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Neu Schwanstein - same day tickets?

I have been to Neu Schwanstein multiple times, but not in years. I don't remember buying tickets in advance.

We are doing a family road trip in late September with 6 adults. N.S. wasn't part of the plan but one couple expressed interest, so I'm willing to try. The official online ticketing system doesn't have tickets available for our possible dates.

My question is: do you have a reasonable chance of buying same-day tickets on site? A lot of websites make it sound like the only way to do it is buy their tour. I realize late September is still likely high season.

I'm tempted to drive by, get there as early in the day as possible, and take our chances. And if they are sold out all day, we could still get the view and do other touring in the area.

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I would avoid the castle at all costs- if one couple wants to go, my suggestion is that they figure out their own logistics. I don't know where you've been or going after, but maybe you go to Zigspeitz, and they figure it out. I thinks N'stein Castle is a tourist trap and to be avoided, IMHO.
Safe travels!

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Thanks for the reply. To head off further comments like this, I'll add: I was born in Germany and have been to N.S. multiple times. Many posters think it's over-rated; others value it for what it is. I know what what we're getting.

It's a family trip (grown children with their spouses). If I can make my D.I.L happy by indulging this wish, I'm willing to try. It was not on the original agenda.

The question is whether anyone has guidance about same-day tickets, for those arriving on their own. Thanks.

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I've been to Neuschwanstein three times, the first time for myself, the other two times to show it to others. I never get tired of seeing it. As long as you understand that it is not a midieval castle, that it was a fantasy built by an over-romantic king, it's a fun experience. The first two times I went to Neuschwanstein, it was a walk-up exerience. The next time I went there, it was during Oktoberfest, and I naively thought that everyone would be in Munich and I could get in easily.

Wrong! So the next time I got reservations in advance, and everything went smoothly.

Things have changed. You can no longer count on getting "walk-up" tickets. Find their website and reserve in advance.

I would never discourage anyone, as long as they understand that they were seeing, from going there.

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Thank you. My bad about spelling it incorrectly, don't know what I was thinking.

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Online tickets sell out weeks in advance since they reduced the size of their tour groups because of covid. Large blocks of tickets are bought up by independent tour companies, so at this late date going with one of them may be your only chance. It was rumoured on TripAdvisor that a very limited number of "Restkarten" are available when the ticket office opens at 0800h, but I don't know if that is true. How far away are you staying?

If you do get lucky and manage to get tickets, I hope you get the combo that includes Hohenschwangau castle. At least it was a real royal residence.

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I was there last weekend; my dh and I had visited before but the couple we traveled with had not. They did reserve tickets in advance, so I have no advice regaeding walk-up tickets. It was quite busy; we arrived around noon.

You might try this, assuming the weather is dry: drop them off early to try to get tickets. (Have a way for them to let you know if they succeed!) Find a parking spot (we found P4 most convenient). Head to Marienbrucke, either on foot or by shuttle bus. At the bus drop off, don't head up to the bridge immediately. Instead, head down the gravel path (marked with signs to a small restaurant that is 3+ km away). After about a five minute walk (at most!) you will have a beautiful view of both the palace and the bridge! There are many walking/hiking paths and trails in the area, so you could easily spend time here while others visit Neuschwanstein.

If all else fails, they could perhaps visit Hohenschwangau and the nearby Museum of the Bavarian Kings. Good luck!

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I have been to the castle twice. The second time to take my Mom that hadn't been there.

I think it is highly overrated. It is not really a castle and it is not that old or historic.
Still, I believe it is still worth a visit if you are in Bavaria.

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I've been in once and drive by once. It isn't a castle - true. It isn't - by European standards - very old. But by gosh is it scenic from the outside, and the setting is exquisite. I think my money for the interior tour was not value for money, there just wasn't much to see and not in a conducive atmosphere. It is of course historic, the later life of Ludwig as is that of his relationship with Wagner. It isn't just a lump on a hill.

But going to Füssen and then the area around the two palaces was priceless.

As far as same day tickets I'm sorry but my information would be too out of date - pre-covid - and so much has changed.

good luck - I hope it works out for you