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Museum pass in Berlin

We have limited time in Berlin so I want to know if there is a one day pass.
Every time I look on Google I get the 3 day pass but I heard somewhere that there is a one pass for Museum Island.
There is so much to see in Berlin we can't afford 3 days in museums.
I assume we won't have to book a time if we have a pass.

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The Museum Pass is also good for some other sights beside museums, you should check the list. I know some monuments are also covered. Personally, I like to visit one or two museums in one day, then do other things, to avoid museum fatigue. I used the Pass for just a few museums and it payed for itself by the end of my second day. It also allowed me to visit plsces I might not have wanted to pay a separate admission to see.

And yes, you skip the line and (as of last May) I didn't need reservations.

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There are no other options. You either bit the Museum Pass (valid for 3 days), or you buy an "area ticket" for the Museum Island.

My suggestion is that since the Museum Pass is so good value, you use it to avoid cramming all your museum-going in just one day. Spread your museum visits through 2 days, and use the rest of the day for your other sightseeing. Unless you are planning on going on museums that are really out of the way, public transportation makes it very easy for you to coordinate sightseeing and other activities with museum-going.

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If you are only visiting Musuem Island then get the one day pass for the Musuems there. Remember you have to visit all you want there in one day.

If you even think you'll want to return to Museum Island, or not visit more than one in one day there,
or think you may visit other attractions: Jewish Musuem, German History Musuem, Victory Column,

and others, the 3 day pass at 24.00 euros is your best deal. You have the flexibility of three whole days to use it wherever you like!

Even with a pass there is a queu as they allow only so many visitors in at one time. I like it as you get to actually see the exhibits and linger where you want. It was crowded enough but not a packed crowd.