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Munich vs Frankfurt for young Family

We will have 3 days to spend in either Munich or Frankfurt with our twins 9 years old, a girl and boy which city will be more interesting or fun for them? I'm looking for the highlights .
Thank you for your feed back.

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Frankfurt is a banking center and doesn’t offer a lot of attractions to draw travelers to the city. The good news is there is a lot of interest for both adults and children in Munich. The Nymphenberg Palace is one of Munich’s top attractions- the grounds around the palace has forest with 4 more smaller palaces tucked into the woods. The Glockenspiel at the Rathaus (Town Hall) is a clock with characters that come to life when the clock strikes the hour. At 11am and noon there’s a 15-minute parade of figurines in different scenes including a jousting contest and a wedding; Hellabrunn Zoo; the English Garden which is an enormous park; and the world-famous Deutsches Museum which has interactive exhibits for children to be introduced to science and technology.

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Munich, hands down.

  • Munich Zoo - no explanation needed (there is a Biergarten for you as well)
  • Deutsches Museum: Kinderreich - Fun area in the basement of the the Deutsches Museum.
  • Spend time in the Englischer Garten - Feed some ducks and visit the nice carousel just north of the Chinesischen Turm Biergarten
  • Head south and take a cable car up a mountain for a stroll through fields and cows. This might require a car depending on where you end up going.
  • Wildpark Poing - Safari type park. See Wolves, Lynx, etc.
  • Take the train to the Markus Wasmeier Bauernhof und Wintersportmuseum is another one. The grounds consist of several relocated farm buildings giving a glimpse of what life was like in Upper Bavaria farms in the past few centuries.


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Well can't speak for Frankfurt but in Munich is a lot to see and do with children.

My favorites would be:
- Watch the surfers at the Eisbachwelle located in the English Garden. The park is huge and after watching them lots of other adventures are waiting
- Go to the Olympic Park and do not forget visiting the top of the Olympic Tower
- If interested in socker visit the Allianz Arena + FC Bayern Museum
- If more interested in cars also fine to visit BMW World and the BMW Museum
- If feeling more like a little princess then visit Nymphenburg Castle

Have fun :-)

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Yes, Frankfurt has many bankers, but also tons of normal, regular people who live and work here and many of them have kids.

Activities for 9 year old kids in Frankfurt and surrounding towns:

  • Frankfurt Zoo
  • Opel Zoo
  • Senckenburg Natural History Museum (better known as the dinosaur museum)
  • Hessen Park Open Air Museum (close to 200 buildings showing how life used to be 1-2 centuries ago, including traditional farm animals, windmills, etc.)
  • Saalburg Roman Fort
  • Film Museum - (kids love this)
  • Experimena Museum

Quick trip to the Rhein, ride a ship up to St. Goar and go explore Burg Rheinfels.

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Frankfurt does have many outstanding museums and the “Dinosaur museum” would be great for 9-year-olds
and those young at heart. if not in years.

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Yes, flight leaves for the US from those 2 cities.
I am getting great inf, much to look up. thanks for your feedbackl