Munich v. Bavarian Alps


I will be traveling to the Austria and Germany in a few weeks and am looking for some advice.

We currently will be spending three nights on a farm near Salzburg. Do you all think we need to spend two other nights in the Bavarian alps and one night in Munich, or should we just do three nights in Munich (and do day trips to some places).

We live in a big city if that informs your advice. Thanks!

Posted by Karen
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I really like Munich, and there is plenty to see and do there for a three night stay and that will mean less moving around. That is what I would choose to do, but it really depends on if your goal is to see Munich and it's surrounds or if your goal is to spend more time in the Alps. If you stay in Munich for 3 nights, I would only choose 1 place for a day trip, if any.

Posted by buck.linder
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That is a tough one. We lived in Munich for 3 years and it is a wonderful city and a great base for day excursions. You are staying near Salzburg on a farm for three days. (will you be in the Obersalzburg?). So, consider balancing that with the 3 days in Munich, explore the City and use it as a base for an excursion or excursions. When we had visitors we almost always took a day excursion to Neuschwanstein and Linderhof or Wieskirche. There are many other options for excursions outside the City. You could rent a car and experience driving the Autobahn to Garmisch, and/or to Oberamargau - my wife says a "must see".

I am suggesting you spend the time in Munich - it is a charming City and there is so much to see and do (Marienplatz, Deutches Museum, Englischer Garten, Nymphenburg Palace, many biergartens, art museums (Pinakothek) and ... depends on your interests. - Also great restaurants. But, if you decide one day you want out of Munich, jump on the train for a day in Nuremberg. Or being City dwellers, if you want more country for a day - you can hit the country-side quickly by train, car - or even bike.

And remember - if you are traveling in a few weeks, you will be coming close to Oktoberfest. It starts September 20 this year. Have a great time !

Posted by Tom
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Can you keep your schedule flexible? Here's the reason. As much as I love the Alps (I go there at every opportunity), this is one area of Europe that really demands good weather to fully enjoy. The month of August so far has been cooler than expected, and it has rained at least one short shower nearly every day. I even got snowed on last week trying to climb the Alpspitze near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

So, if the weather continues like this, Munich might offer more weather-neutral options. Or, if the short-term weather forecast calls for dry and clear conditions, go to the Alps.

Plus... you can easily visit other parts of the Alps from Salzburg. Salzburg sits in their foothills, and the high peaks begin just to the south of the city.

Posted by Chris
Mahone Bay, Canada
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That's a really tough decision. I love both and would find it difficult to choose between the two. I think you can't go wrong with a combination of buck.linder and Tom's advice, though.

Posted by fallguyfrank
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These are really great suggestions, thanks. I hadn't considered the weather situation so that is helpful. We are staying at a farm northwest of Salzburg and will be doing trips to Berchtesgarten and Hallstadt so I definitely think we will e getting an Alps experience! We will stay in Munich! Thanks again!