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Munich transit solution for 8-day trip

Hi -
I have spent a fair amount of time reviewing this forum, as well as the MVV and other Train and Transit sites for Munich. I'm still not clear on what could be the most effective solution or set of solutions.
We're arriving on Sep. 15, staying North of Munich on the U-Bahn for the first few days, then in Freising near the S-Bahn for the last few days. We expect to be going into the city pretty much every day, and a trip to Dachau one of the days. Also, at least one of the days we need to ride the S-Bahn prior to 0900.
The first 3 days there may be up to 6 of us on the U-Bahn, but the rest of the week just 2 of us.
There are lots of passes and cards to choose from, but just what single one or combination would work the best, was not obvious. I was just going to stop at the EuroAide desk in the Hbf, see what they suggested, but from what I've seen there are just as expert resources here.
So any suggestions?
Vielen Dank, and looking forward to time in Munich!!

Posted by sla019
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For a correct answer we need to know near which U-Bahn station you will stay. If it is within the inner zone (all except U6 north of Fröttmaning) you can use three-day group tickets (good for up to five people, €29.10 for three days) plus a single ticket for the sixth traveller (€16.50 / 3 days). If it is outside you need a München XXL ticket, which is available for single days only (€15,90, good for up to five people plus €8.80 for the sixth traveller). For trips from Freising you need a "Gesamtnetz" group ticket (€23.90 / day for up to five adults). Use this page for more information. BTW, those tickets are not subject to the 9am restricition (don't mix up MVV tickets with Bayern tickets).

There are several service centers of the MVV, listed here.

Posted by Sam
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And who is going to Dachau? If all 6 while staying in the Inner zone, then you need adder tickets because Dachau is in the XXL zone. If the two of you when staying in Freising, then the all-zone pass works.

Posted by mgzlists OP
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Sorry, I guess my information wasn't as complete as I had hoped. We are beyond Fröttmaning at Garching-Hochbrück, so that means the XXL per day. For Dachau it will be just the two of us. Using the MVV fare calculator, if we don't travel to Munich more than 4-5 times, a week ticket isn't recommended. The site is recommending single-trip 3 zone tickets. I know we're only likely to go 4 days, one of which will include Dachau. I was considering getting off at Oberschleißheim and taking a taxi from there, rather than going down to Laim and back up. In any case, thank you for the answers!! It's all helping to narrow the options...

Posted by Lee
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If you use this webpage and put in Garching-Hochbrück to Dachau, you will see that there are also all-bus options, with one change at Oberschleißheim, that stay entirely in the 2nd (green) zone. So, you can use a single zone ticket for 2,80€ pP each way, 11,20€ for two, RT. If that is the only travel you will use that day, it will be less expensive that way than a group day ticket XXL for 15,90€. Not only are the tickets cheaper, the trip takes 5 minutes less.

Use that webpage to determine the ticket needed each day. See here for a map or stations.

Posted by mgzlists OP
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Excellent, thanks for the info Lee.

I hadn't found that particular trip tool yet. Looks like we have a few options, depending on when we go and how much we want to spend.