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Munich to Prague by train. Overnight stop-over ?


We are visiting this area in first week of September. Flight will reach at Munich at 16:10. Prague is supposed to be our first destination. Being traveling with a toddler, I do not want to stick with bus. Unless rental car is suggested, I would not opt for train in this section.
If I assume that I can come out of Airport around 17:00, I do not see any train for Prague after that.

One option is, take train to some place towards Prague and stay overnight. Take another train early morning to Prague. Can you any feasible place, from there I can reach quick to Prague ?

From an old post, I was checking Friesing to Pilsen, but not able to find any direct connection.


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I was checking Friesing to Pilsen, but not able to find any direct connection.

Could that be because the German town near the airport is call Freising?

Well, spelling the town name correctly doesn't seem to help. There don't appear to be any direct connections to Prague. Most connections have a change in Regensburg, so I would use that as my overnight stopover. In the morning, there are direct connections from Regensburg to Prague.

You could take the 17:08 train from Freising (arrive Regensburg 18:06, spend the night, then take the 8:14 train direct to Prague, arriving 12:31. Both those trains run every two hours, so if you flight is late arriving, no problem.

Or, you could spend the night in Freising (better if your flight is really late), then, the next morning, go Freising to Prague with a change in Regensburg.

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I gave more thought about it and read old posts and it looks like, taking bus to Prague will be more convenient and would save me a night for Prague. And also looking at interior of bus seats and looks like comfortable.
If I choose to go with bus and put Munich Airport to Prague, after 17:00 -
1- is showing only overnight service
2- shows direct bus starts at 18:15 from München, Flughafen FJS (Is it same terminal, Lufthansa will arrive ?), will arrive Prague at 22:40

Apart from your suggestion, should above second option be feasible ?

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Thanks Sam.

I was not clear about set-belts in bus, so sent email to leoexpress. They replied - "But it not necessary, important is to use seat belt´s. This is valid only if your conction are market like LEBxxxx, which means bus".

How strictly do they follow it ? I will be traveling with 2.3 years old son, so not sure he will sit within seat belts for 4+ hours.


Please discard this question. I got response from their customer support - "in large buses there are no seat belts."