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Munich to Paris

Are there any dependable airlines with no or low baggage fees that offer direct one-way flights to Paris from Munich? We are looking to fly out of Munich on 9/1/16.


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I'm sorry I don't know the answer about the flights - skyscanner will be your friend - but I do happen to know that there is frequent high speed train service between the two cities, with a simple change - usually in Stuttgart.

That could be very cheap, reliable, enjoyable and have no reasonable luggage limit (free).

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Lufthansa typically has good fares (less than 100€) for round trip from MUC direct to CDG. This is comparable to any low cost airline. For one way expect to pay at least 300€ no matter who you fly with.


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Agree w/ Nigel - leave on the 10:28 from Munich and you'll be in the heart of Paris in 6 hours. No trips to or from airports, no security checks, no baggage worries.

Not clear if your travel date is September 1 or Jan. 9. If the latter, fares for the above train trip are currently available at €49 each at the DB itinerary page:

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Thanks for the replies and sorry for my American date it is in fact September 1st 2016 :)

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I also agree with Nigel. Travel by train will be much more pleasant and relaxing, without all the usual airport hassles. Travel by train will also likely be slightly faster than by air, when all is considered (ie: time to and from airports, check-in, security, waiting times, etc.). You also won't have to worry about expensive fees for checked baggage, limitations on carry-on baggage or the "sardine seating" which is typical on budget flights.

If you don't mind getting an early start, there's a direct high speed TGV departure from Munich at 06:25, arriving Paris Est at 12:35 (time 6H:10M). If you'd prefer a slightly later trip, I'd use a departure at 10:28, arriving Paris Est at 16:35 (time 6H:07M, one change in Stuttgart). There are many solutions on that route, so you'll have lots of choice on which train to use. Check the website for details.

If you decide to travel by train, you can pre-purchase your tickets (and possibly save a few bucks) by using as they have a very user friendly website, and sell tickets for both French and German trains.

The rail trips quoted above are of course subject to change, but I don't expect they'll change much.

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2003mer: The DB saver fare between Munich and Paris goes on sale at the DB site at the same time tickets first become available - 91 days in advance of your travel date. You can expect similarly low September fares to be available in June. Buy them as soon as that sale date arrives. Prices rise as tickets sell - expect them to rise quickly as you are traveling in a prime month for train travel.