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Munich to Neuschwanstein and Garmisch? Also Innsbruck

Hello All,

I'm planning the tail end of my trip in the Bavarian Alps. I'll be using Munich as a home base. I'm considering spending 2-3 nights in Fussen, doing a tour of Neuschwanstein and Garmisch. My understanding is the tour can be 4-5 hours? Would doing a day trip from Munich worth it? Or am I better off spending a few nights in Fussen and exploring then catching a train back to Munich for my departure. Not sure if Innsbruck would be too much.

I'm looking for the classic scenic Alps theme. Not sure how Garmisch is in late April? Salzburg was suggested also as a home base. For Berchtesgaden > Neuschwanstein


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It's a couple of hours drive down to Innsbruck--from Munich. Staying down in Tirol would be preferable to Fussen as the mountain vistas there are just incredible. And the region is best seen by rental car vs. a train.
You could take in Fussen and Neuschwanstein in one day--and spend the night in the mountains.
The weather in the mountains is somewhat variable in April--sometimes rains a lot. But there again, it rains many summer afternoons around 6:00 p.m. too. A beautiful day in The Alps is a great day.

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The German Alps + towns + sights are not just a day trip from Munich. I would spend the 2-3 nights that you appear to have available closer to or in the mountains.

"I'm looking for the classic scenic Alps theme."

These are not the Alps of the Switzerland, so if you're thinking Bernese Oberland with Jungfraujoch, or the Matterhorn and Zermatt, you need to adjust your expectations somewhat.

"Salzburg was suggested also as a home base. For Berchtesgaden > Neuschwanstein"

Well, lots of people make plans to visit Salzburg and Munich for other reasons than then Alps - then squeeze in their Alps visit on day trips from these places. And then they recommend doing what they did. Salzburg is surely closer and a better base than Munich - and it can be an OK base for getting into the mountains briefly on one day. But it's still a vastly different kind of experience if you stay in one of these cities instead of in the mountains. If your goal is to "feel" the Alps of Bavaria, then you should stay among them somewhere.

No savvy traveler would ever suggest Salzburg as a base for visiting Neuschwanstein. Way too far.

But then Neuschwanstein - not a real castle, but a late 19th-century mock-up with a fake castle exterior, with an overpriced and overcrowded 30-min. tour - is nothing I would build an itinerary around anyway. There are many other more significant and more interesting/fun places and things to see and do in both the Füssen/Garmisch and the Salzburg/Berchtesgaden regions.

Füssen/Garmisch area:

Wies Church
Partnach Gorge
Fraundorfer Inn

Salzburg/Berchtesgaden area:

Hohenwerfen Castle
Salt Mines
Herrenchiemsee Palace

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Consider spending those nights in Garmisch rather than Füssen, and visiting Neuschwanstein from there or on your way back to Munich.