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Munich to Innsbruck itinerary

I am looking for some feedback on our potential itinerary. We are visiting family up near Hagen and after our visit we would like to spend some time in the Bavaria region. We will have a car and be traveling with 3 adults and 2 children. Here is what I have so far...

Day 1 - Hagen to Munich, overnight in Munich
Day 2 - Munich to Herrenchiemsee for a tour, then to Füssen for the night
Day 3 - tour of Neuschweinstein and/or Linderhof Palace, overnight in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Day 4 - make our way to Innsbruck during the day and take the night train from Innsbruck to Dusseldorf.

We fly out of Amsterdam early the next morning so we can take the ICE train to Amsterdam outing Dusseldorf, have the afternoon and evening in Amsterdam and head home the next day.

I'm worried about the itinerary being to agresive. We have also considered flying out of Innsbruck or Munich on Saturday in-lieu of taking the night train. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Innsburg? Pretty sure you mean Innsbruck.

It's sounds like a pretty straightforward running "tour". You won't see much of Munich, but you can say you've been there. Same with all the other places. You're going to spend most of four days traveling.

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Unless Neuschwanstein/ Linderhof/Innsbruck are on your 'must see' list, give them a miss. I recommend them all but too much hassle for me from Munich. Drop the car off in Munich - dropping off in Innsbruck will not be cheap - and spend some time there, a day trip to Herrenchiemsee via train to Prien (after 9:00am).

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The good thing is that Hagen is on a trunk line to Munich where you can take the ICE. I've never flown out of DUS but did once from Munich back to SFO which is an excellent airport.

If you rearrange the itinerary, you could go from Hagen to Duisburg, then change to Amsterdam, otherwise I would drop Amsterdam. Dropping Amsterdam you can fly out of Munich. I've taken the night train Munich to Dü problems, very satisfactory. You're catching that night train at the start, Innsbruck....even better.

On my second trip to Europe and Germany, one of the locals suggested that I go to the hostel in Hagen since the Dortmund hostel was already full. I thought about this woman's suggestion on going to Hagen but gave up the idea. I decided to take the train from Dortmund Hbf to Osnabruck Hbf instead.

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And in the same vein, Neuscheinstein (new pig rock)? I think you mean Neuschwanstein (new swan rock).

Oh, BTW, Dusseldorf is a village of fools; Düsseldorf (or Duesseldorf) is a village on the Düssel river.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. And yes, sorry for the few misspelled German words, it’s all new to me.

I think I might skip the night train on Friday night out of Innsbruck and exteend our stay another day, perhaps fly out of Munich late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

If I were to drop one of the castle stops off our itinerary which one should I drop? Herrenchiemsee or Neuschwanstein? Herrenchiemsee makes a little sense to drop because of its location, Neuschweinstein is in the area we would like to spend a few days exploring. However, I have heard the Neuschwanstein is a bit overrated and the interior doesn’t live up to the hype, but it’s still that quintessential fairytale castle. My father in law has been to Herrenchiemsee as a teenager and he thinks it’s not to be missed.

Thanks again.

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I like Chemsee, but mainly to walk around. Just to drive and look is something I wouldn't do. Likewise, if you want to see Neuschwanstein I recommend you just drive over, look at the outside, and then go to Linderhof (which is beautiful). I'd just do Linderhof and the the monastery in Ettal and that would be a good day.