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Munich, Salzburg, Nuremberg and Rothenburg

Help! Please note that my husband and I are travelling with our 11month old son and that we are traveling Germany first week of December. We will be renting a car but will also use public transportation.
Can you make any recommendations? From munich should we stay at Nuremberg and just do day trip in Bamberg or vice versa? I found Bamberg hotels with free parking cheaper too! Is Nuremberg christmas market a must see at night? If we stay at bamberg, should we train or drive? I'm just scared taking the train and bus at night with our son. Should we stay overnight in rothenburg or just do day trip as well? Thank you in advance!

Day 1. arrive Munich and jet lag recovery
Hofbräuhaus beer garden in Munich, giant beer and giant pretzels
*The Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz
*The Christmas Village at Residenz
*medieval Christmas market
*Sendlinger-Tor-Platz, Munich, Germany- is this a must
Day 2. day trip to Fuessen to see Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohe
Day 3. Explore munich
Day 4. Day trip Salzburg
Salzburg Christmas market outside the Dom. Xhexkout cathedral
Day5. Travel to Nuremberg and explore
What you must absolutely do in Nuremberg?
*Head to the Kaiserburg Castle for pretty city views.
*A picture of Schöner Brunnen is a must.
*Visit the city’s largest church – St. Lorenz.
*Take a stroll around the Hauptmarkt. The picturesque city square hosts the biggest Christmas Market in Bavaria.
*Treat yourself to some drinks at Cafe Bar Katz.
Walk around the medieval city of Nuremberg.
Day 6. travel to Rothenburg, do the night watchmen tour. Day trip
Day 7. Explore Nuremberg and or side trip to Bamberg
Day 8. Return car to Nuremberg. Travel to Prague via bus. 3.5hrs

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My plan from Nuremberg includes a day trip to Regensberg -- haven't been there yet, but highly recommended by others.
Also Bamberg, which we have visited on a stopover going to Munich.
My personal preference would be to skip Fussen and instead spend an overnight in Salzburg. (But that's because we love Salzburg -- and have already seen Cinderella's castle at Disneyland.)
Have a great trip!

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I'm just scared taking the train and bus at night with our son.

Why? If you are worried about accidents, public transport is a lot safer than driving.

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Thank you Laura! Lol. I'll be seeing Cinderella's castle again this November. I just want to see a real castle when I go to Germany.

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Hi Badger,
Will it be safe? Honestly, I don't even use train or bus here in Sf. Maybe that's why I'm kind off scared.

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Of course it's safe, it's Germany, not Congo. I realize that it can be a bit intimidating if you're from a country without decent public transportation, but in Europe everyone uses it. It's cheap, efficient and takes you almost everywhere, and I see no reason to avoid it for safety reasons. Especially as driving yourself is more risky.

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As a mom, I believe that your schedule is overly ambitious with an 11 month old baby, especially as many of the activities are outside in the bitter cold. Be sure to plan for naps in hotels during the day and early evenings/late mornings due to jetlag. While you might cope well with jetlag, trying to explain to an 11 month old is another matter. Also, public transportation is so much easier with a young child than car transportation.

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Munich, Nuremberg, Füssen, Salzburg, Rothenburg, and Bamberg in 7 days... including a likely jet-lagged Day 1... with an infant and all that entails...

"Can you make any recommendations?"

Drop the Füssen and Salzburg outings - you waste nearly 5 and 4 hours respectively riding the trains and buses on those days. Even with a car, you can't just pull up in front of Neuschwanstein and hand the keys to the valet. See all the details. And it's not one of the "real castles" you mention, just a new-ish, fancifully-built and -decorated royal home, with a fake castle exterior (only a teeny bit older than the Disney "castles.")

You've set aside only one day for "exploring Munich" and Nuremberg. Spend the time you save there.

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Public transportation is quick, easy and safe in Germany - and it is very difficult to drive to many central hotels in many places (Munich!) because of traffic free zones in the center cities. Days will be short and the weather may be wet as well as cold, making the frequent trains much easier than driving. Munich and Nuremberg are only about an hour apart on the fast train

Both Bamberg and Rothenburg are easy enough by train from Nuremberg. The RodT Night watchman tour is at 8 pm which makes it hard to include in a day trip though.

You may want to look at this link which gives information on all the palaces/castles administered by Bavaria. There are LOTS of bling-ey palaces to choose from.

With respect to castles - The Kaiserburg Castle in Nuremberg is a real (reconstructed, of course) medieval castle with no Disneyfication.

And, the castle in Salzburg is a well-preserved genuine castle in a lovely Alpine setting, You could overnight in Salzburg and get your castle fix there.

Have fun!

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Excited for you! Just my thoughts: I hope you see Neuschwanstein. It is a beautiful memory and nothing like the Disney replica. Hohenschwangau is just below and you could do both. You can also choose your time online, giving you some control and avoid lines. I wonder if Nuremberg at Christmas might be a bit much with an 11 month old. It is very crowded. Rothenburg o d Tauber is such a great idea- it is walkable and easy if someone needed a nap :)
I agree, do the Nightwatchman tour!

If I had to choose Salzburg or Nuremberg I’d go with Nuremberg. I think slowing it down a bit will be more enjoyable.

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Take a nice heavy warm overcoat, gloves, hat and warm shoes. Touring in the cold can be a b----.

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I'll address the safety issue--I have been alone at train stations in Germany near midnight. Zero issues. I have been in train stations in Philadelphia and New York with a couple dozen people--nervous. You'll be fine, although I'd not want to be anywhere with an 11 month old late at night--they tend to get cranky :)

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What you must absolutely do in Nuremberg?

My wife and I spent three days in Nuremberg this past summer and outside of visiting the Kaiserburg Castle and the Albrecht Durer House (and taking close looks at the exterior details of all the churches) I would highly recommend going to the market and trying the Nuremberg sausages - a trio of finger-sized wursts with a little mustard on a roll. I know, sounds simple and ho hum but we were in Oslo, Berlin, Freiburg, the Black Forest, Nuremberg and then a Danube River cruise to Buda Pest. We schnitzelled and streudrelled for almost four weeks and were pampered and fine dined by Viking but the single best thing we had were those three little sausages in the rain. I still think about them.

Have a great trip but try not to do too much - take the time to enjoy each place you visit and the time with each other and your baby.