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Munich "Hitler/Nazism" Walking Tours

These tours get great ratings, but so do Ghost/Vampire tours, which I do not appreciate. Can anyone recommend a tour that is led by informed guides who aren't trying to sensationalize the facts?

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While I don't have a comment on the walking tour you are asking about, I do have a strong recommendation that you check out the Munich Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism while you are there. It is a striking, very moving exhibition that provide you with a deep insight into the rise of Nazism in Munich. I thought I'd spend an hour there and ended up spending 4 hours - it was very moving and educational. The audio guide is very helpful as well. It's well worth finding your way to it - you won't regret it.

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I haven't taken the tours but I had good contact with Munich Walk tours. The one below is about the Third Reich history in Munich.

That said, I don't believe that most Germans giving these tours "sensationalize" the facts as they are abhorrent in their own right and it's still a touchy subject in Germany.

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I agree with Plumeria the center is an excellent resource. However I couldn’t spend more than an hour before I got sick of the awful reality of Nazism.

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We didn't have a tour guide but for what it's worth: Both the Odeonsplatz and Königsplatz have Nazi history but sooooo much more with sites such as the Residenz and the museums respectively. The concentration camp at Dachau in suburban Munich is well worth the short trip out there even though it's somber, sobering and sad. The Bürgerbräukeller of beer hall putsch fame is gone but you can enjoy great beer and sausage, pretzels, etc. at the Hofbräuhaus beer hall.

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No tour can make anything worse than it actually was, either on the politics of the era or the horror of Nazi persecution of anyone who they feared.. Dachau is particularly moving because it was a "labor camp" sending POWs and other "undesirable" prisoners out to work in war factories. The map there that shows how many factories used slave labor is a who's who of German industry.

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If it's in your budget to hire a private guide, I would recommend Stefan Biro, a Munich native who does Munich tours, including a Third Reich tour, which a friend and I did with him in 2016. He has a master's in philosophy, so he is an intelligent, thoughtful guy who gives intelligent, thoughtful tours. My friend and I greatly enjoyed our time we spent with him.

Stefan is on the Tours by Locals website (, where you can read his bio and reviews from 300+ people who have taken tours with him. But... don't book through TBL! I have an e-mail address for him. If you contact him directly, he does not have to pay the TBL finder's fee and will likely pass that savings on to you. Private message me if you are interested, and I will send the e-mail address.

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I would try either Dark History Tours or perhaps Radius Tours.
No one is going to "sensationalize" facts about the 3rd Reich. It is horrific enough all by itself.

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I took a Third Reich walking tour with Radius Tours on one of my visits to Munich - As I recall, the Guide was a retired U.S. Army officer and I quite enjoyed the tour. It provides a good view of how Hitler and the Nazi party eliminated their rivals and ascended to power. If you have the time and inclination, a tour of Dachau is also worthwhile (Radius offers those too).

THIS TOUR seems very similar.