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Munich for Oktoberfest

Any recommendations on places to go? How do you buy tickets for Oktoberfest? We are going from Sunday, September 17 to the 22nd. I am trying to plan each day out and need recommendations, proposed travel itineraries, etc.

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Reservations are generally only for groups of 8 to 10 people and prepaid 2 liters of beer and food for the entire table. Most reservations have already been secured. Just go during a weekday and enjoy. If there are just 2 of you, you can probably find some empty seats available with friendly people in the evening.

Read all the details in the website I posted previously.

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Our group will be in Munich at the same time and plan on going to the Oktoberfest grounds on the 20th and 21st. This will be our third trip and first since the covid shutdown (the 2020 trip was canceled). I'm not sure of you your interests and how much time you want to spend on the Oktoberfest grounds so my advice is pretty general.

We go with a group and have table reservations for the evening. but as others said, it's not required. Here is a link to the official site with some very useful information on the fest, including table reservations if you decide to explore those, . You don't say how big your group is. If it's just 2 of you, your chances of getting into one of the big tents in the evening are better because you can more easily squeeze into a table with others. Tents have a percentage of seats that they will not reserve in advance to accommodate walk-ins although you may need to wait for a space to open up at busy times. It will be easiest to find an evening spot if you go during the week. On the link I sent you, there is an Oktoberfest Barometer that shows you how busy things are.
While the tents are fun there is so much more to do and you should allow plenty of time to explore, try the food, ride the rides, etc. The Old Weisn is interesting also to see the "old school" entertainment and exhibits.

There are also lots of sites to see in and around Munich depending on your interests. The public transportation system can get you anywhere you want to go. I don't know you have your hotel already but they are pricey in Munich in the old town and around the grounds and are probably pretty sold out at this point. Look further out at hotels near Ubahn/Sbahn stations. This also helps for any other exploring you want to do and for getting to and from the airport (Sbahn S1 and S8 lines).

Have a wonderful trip! Prost!

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You should also consider which tents and when you want to go. From early afternoon into the evening is one style of music, but the atmosphere shifts in the evening. Both are worth experiencing, but in VERY different ways. And each tent has its own flair and feel.

Reservations are often sold out right away, with groups from the prior year getting a chance to reserve first. And yes, these are typically with groups, require certain purchases (beer, food, etc.), and so on.

If you are patient, you can get into a tent, get a seat, and park there for hours, then be there for the evening entertainment. Just be prepared to pace yourself on the beer if you plan to park for multiple hours.

The rest of Oktoberfest is worth visiting as well. Ride some of the rides, watch people at the Toboggan (or try it yourself: ), play the games, etc. It's a giant carnival, after all.

The evening entertainment is way better if you know at least some of the songs and are somewhat of a party person. Here is a sampling , but there are tons! If you look up Wiesn Hits you can find a bunch. Many with motions, so make sure you learn some of those. Some you may know, many in English (Sweet Caroline, Country Roads, etc.). The fun thing is to people-watch. If there is a tent with an upper deck (Hacker Pschorr comes to mind) and you can see the crowds below, that is the place to be for people watching. But just being in the tent is fun to people watch.

If you are of a more reserved nature and prefer to observe from afar, daytime is a way less stressful time to go, especially during the week.