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Munich Eateries!

Suggestions for good places to have authentic food in Munich? Also suggestions for the best Munich bakeries (Konditorei). What authentic foods are important not to miss while in Munich?

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I guess by "authentic" food, you mean German style food. You will find good German restaurants all over town, some of the best are in the hotels. What not to miss? That's entirely up to you. It depends on if you like Weisswurst , Schnitzel, dumplings, Spaetzle, venison stew, goulasch stew or soup, pommes frites, Pretzels, Leberkaese, Apfel Strudel, Broetchen, roast pork, Beef Tartar, fresh salads and fruit, cold cuts and cheese for breakfast., excellent beers and wines.
But you will also find every kind of ethnic food, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, whatever you like.
I defy anyone to find a bad Konditorei. They are all excellent with wonderful breads, Schnecken and the most beautiful cakes you'll find anywhere.

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Try the Augustinerbräu located Landsberger Straße 31-35. If you're looking the front of the train station, walk down the street to the left (southside) about 5 blocks. It's on your left.

When we were in Munich at the start of the first Iraq War, there were literally very few Americans in Europe. We found this restaurant to be very inviting and friendly. It was great being the only non-Germans in a completely authentic German restaurant and small beerhall.

I never found the bakeries of Munich (or Bavaria) to be as good as the products look in the windows. Their products are just not as sweet as I'd like. Other cities are better for pastries, etc.

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We plan on spending time in Mosel/Rhine Valley, any not to miss bakeries in that area? Also a few days in Salzburg, Austria.

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It's probably not what you'd consider "authentic", but one place I always make a point of visiting on every trip to Munich is Opatija Restaurant. They have a couple of locations in Munich, and the one I go to is close to the Hofbrauhaus. I've found the food and service to be consistently good. It seems to be a popular place as they're usually quite busy.

Buon Appetito!

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When in Munich you should not miss the classic knuckle of pork, the Schweinshaxn. Also similar, the Schweinsbraten or Krustenbraten is roasted pork with a piece of crunchy skin attached. In both cases, the proper way to eat it is to have a little bit of the meat and a little bit of the crunchy rind.

In the morning you may see people eating a white sausage with wheat beer. These Weißwurst are probably Munich’s most well-known specialty. They are simply poached sausages that you have to peel when you eat.

Leberkäse is also a well known Bavarian specialty. A good snack on the go is a Leberkässemmel. You can also get the Leberkäse browned and with a fried egg on top for a meal.

Any of these items are available at any beer hall in the city. Hofbräuhaus is popular with tourists and worth a lunch, but it can get very crowded with very bad air.

If you’re willing to spend more money, Haxnbauer has the best Haxn in city. You see them being slow roasted on a wood fire as you walk by. You order per 100 Gram and you waiter will bring over a platter of huge Haxn for you to sample. It is totally acceptable to share as these are very large pieces of meat. Haxnbauer is also one of the few places in the city that does veal Haxn as well as pork.

A very good, higher Bavarian specialty restaurant is the Spatenhaus on Max-Joseph-Platz. Main dishes cost 15-30€, but it is some of the best Bavarian food in the city.

It’s probably a good idea to get reseravations at both Haxnbauer and Spatenhaus on a busy evening.

Lower in price Der Pschorr, Zum Franziskaner, and Zum Augustiener are all located in the old city and have very good food. A little outside downtown, but not too far from many of the hotels, Augustiner-Keller and Augustiner Bräustuben are very popular with locals. On a Friday or Saturday night reservations would also be recommended.

Also a little outside the old city, the Paulaner Bräuhaus and Löwenbräukeller are both really good.

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I can recommend a wonderful Konditorei. It's right on the Marienplatz and called 'Rischart'. I've been there a few times, it's usually crowded but worth it.

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I have also been to Rischart Konditorei while vacationing in Munich.
We had an excellent breakfast there.
It got really busy.
They have excellent pastries.....everything was delicious.
Highly recommend!

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Hi Jill,
I agree with David & Christopher. The Augustinerbrau (near the train station) is fabulous and huge. It also has an extensive beer garden which unfortunately was closed because of rainy weather when we were there. Not too be detoured we carried our beers out and sat there after dinner anyway! The words pork knuckle did not sound very appetizing to me at first but I found the Schweinshaxen to be very tasty.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned the Haufbrauhaus. It might be touristy and crowded but we had a fantastic time there and met some very interesting and entertaining Germans.
When I planned my trip I did not have concrete meal plans because moving around so much I never knew where we would be. Sometimes we'd eat at hotel or ask for recommendations and sometimes used rs books. More often than not we just stopped in a random bakery or shop. For meals I believe most places had menus posted. Good luck.. Kathy

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Last October we found a great little pastry shop near Sendlingertor on Herzog-Wilhelm-Strasse, about 300 ft north of Sendlinger Strasse. It's called Werner's Cafe. I had a Schokomousse Törtchen (little chocolate mousse tort). They take a strip of chocolate about 2-3 inches wide and wrap it into circle about 4 inches in diameter, then fill it with chocolate mousse and whipped cream and top it with mousse balls dusted with cocoa. and two wedges of chocolate (white and dark). If you like chocolate .... My partner had a Tiramisu Törtchen - white chocolate filled with Tiramisu. They also have coffee and Cappuccino and serve several breakfast dishes, at least before noon. The man next to me was having a very American looking breakfast of bacon and eggs.