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Munich castle

I am looking to take a one day tour of King Ludwig castle neuschwanstein , hohenschwangau, and linderhof..

Can you recommend any tour companies or a private driver?

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You might have a look at Radius Tours as they provide day tours to the castles in Füssen (and lots more). Their office is in the Munich station (Hbf). One point to mention is that if you go with a day tour, you may not have time to see all three sites that you mentioned.

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I looked at four tours (Radius, Mike's Bikes, Greyline, and Panorama). None offers Hohenschwangau on the tour; only the last two offer Linderhof as well as Neuschwanstein. Looking at their schedules and having toured Linderhof on my own, I think the time at Linderhof is totally inadequate. If all you want to do is say, "Linderhof, check", OK, but that's it.

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Still don't see any tour featuring all three castles in a day, and I don't believe you can do them in a day and do them justice.

My suggestion for an overnight trip:

Book a room near the Bahnhof in Oberammergau.

Take the train from Munich to Oberammergau, check in, take the bus to Linderhof, spend the afternoon there, return to Oberammergau for the night.

In the morning take the bus to Füssen. Actually, the bus to Füssen stops first in Hohenschwangau, just down the hill from the ticket kiosk. Buy your tickets for both castles, tour them, take the bus to Füssen Bahnhof and go back to Munich.

Each castle (Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau) tour takes about 45 minutes and you can walk between the castles in less than an hour. When you book both tours, they will give you times that allow you to see both in about 2½ hours. On the other hand, besides a short tour of the interior of Linderhof, there are extensive grounds to see as well as Lugwig's underground lake grotto. I spent about 6 hours there including a nice lunch at the restaurant on the grounds.

Whether you take an organized tour or do it on your own, the tours of the castles themselves are only given by guides employed by the castles.

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I am planning on staying the night after reading everyone’s replies and re-doing some parts of trip.

I will be coming in from Strasbourg France now and then going to Munich after.

Does anyone have any hotel recommendation?
I would like to stay at $150 and under a night for 3 people 1 room.

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If you want to stay overnight in Oberammergau, I can recommend this place. I don't know if any of her double rooms can accommodate a third person, but she does have one triple room. It's less than 40€ per person per night. About a block from the train/bus station. Clean, attractive place, good breakfast. Frau Richter speak good English and can help you with the bus connection to Hohenschwangau.

Use a Bayern-Ticket for the trip out from Munich. Change trains at Murnau. Leave your bags at Gaestehaus Richter. Take the next bus to Linderhof.

Next morning, buy a Bayern-Ticket at the station. It covers the bus to Fuessen and the train back to Munich. Take the 10:25 bus to Hohenschwangau. You can leave you bags behind the counter at the TI office next to the bus stop.

I don't think you will have time to do either both castle in Füssen or Linderhof on the same day you travel from Strasbourg.

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it looks like your question was answered well.

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I would also highly recommend Gaestehaus Richter. We have stayed there a couple of times and at least one of her rooms was large enough to fit an extra bed if she has an extra bed. If she doesn't have the extra bed she does have single rooms that could accommodate the third person. Her rates are very reasonable.

The train/bus scenario that Lee suggested would work very well for you but if you are still considering the private driver Frau Richter's husband does tours to the castles and other sights that might be worth asking about. They are very hospitable so tell them what you want to do and I'm sure they will help with the logistics.