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Munich , Berlin and ??

Hi All,

Just want to seeking some suggestions on our upcoming Germany trip, early Nov .

This will be our first Germany trip, for the last 3 years, we had been to Italy , France, and England , one country one year.

Our flight plan is coming to Munich @ 8/Nov, and fly out from Berlin @17/Nov, so in between we have 9 nights in Germany.

We are thinking of using train and public transport only, and we can walk a lot.

Now thinking of either these two scenario :
Scenario 1:
4 nights @ Munich ( with day trip to Salzburg )
one night @ Nuremberg , ie. day 5 will leaving Munich to Nuremberg , and day 6 will be leaving Nuremberg to Berlin.
4 nights @ berlin ( with day trip to ??? )

Scenario 2:
3 nights @ Munich , and then train to Vienna, 3 nights @ Vienna , and then have a night train from Vienna to Berlin, and 3 nights @Berlin .

Is scenario 2 realistic ? shall we leave Vienna to next year ??

And for Munich / Berlin, any recommendation for hotel / things to do ? for hotel budget we are thinking about less than 100 euro per night.

Thanks in advance,

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Motel One Sedlingor Tor in Munich was €98/night & we were very happy with it. The location was great & the rooms clean & comfortable.

In scenario 1, you could fit in a day trip to Fussen as well.

I haven’t been to Berlin, but from what I’ve read, you could easily fill 4 days there without a side trip anywhere.

Germany is beautiful. Enjoy your trip!

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Option 1 from me, it gives you 4 nights in Berlin. Berlin is a major city with an overwhelming number of things to see and do. I’m returning next year and can’t wait.

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thanks for the feedback !

Motel One Sedlingor Tor was our first choice for Munich. We had stayed in Motel One in London before, quite like it.

But unlucky now it is fully booked during the time we are planning to stay at Munich.

Anyone has other recommendations ? any one similar to Motel one ? ie. clean and close to public transport ?

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I think option 1 looks great . Vienna, Munich, and Berlin are all quite spread out, and I love Vienna but you're adding a lot of travel time by including it.

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It is a shame if you do number 1 you will only have an overnight in Franconia. There is so much to do there, both in and around Nuremberg, but so much nearby - like Bamberg, Regensberg, Coburg.

Since it is so close to Munich what plans did you have for the area, or is it just a bed?

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Hi Nigel,

Nothing particular planning for Nuremberg at the moment, another thought is to just do a side trip to Nuremberg , and stay all the first 5 nights at Munich .

The idea before was just that Nuremberg is on the route to Berlin from Munich.

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My wife and I stayed in Berlin for 8 nights in 2014. We still didn't see everything that we wanted to. The museums on Museum Island were all wonderful. The Pergamon Museum and Old National Gallery were highlights. My wife especially loved the Caspar David Friedrich paintings in the Old National Gallery. We also loved the Insider Tour Berlin Walks. They were informative, interesting, and long (4 1/2 hours, including a half hour refreshment break).

We stayed in Hotel Pension Senta. The price was quite reasonable. The subway is very close to the Pension and took us everywhere we wanted to go. Breakfast was delicious. We did have a shared bathroom, but it was just across the hall and felt private. We never ran into other people.

This summer we spent 5 days in Vienna, and again it wasn't enough. I recommend that you save Vienna for another trip.