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Munich Beer Garden

In my educated opinion, the best beer in the world is made in Germany and the best beer in Germany is made in Munich and the best beer in Munich is made by Augustiner. A five minute walk from the Munich Hbf on Arnulfstrasse is the best beer garden in the world, "Augustiner Keller". It has been in this location for over 200 years and is simply magnificent. Be sure to take the winding steps down to see the Keller. The food is great but the beer is the main attraction. Can't wait to go back!

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While Augustiner is one of my favorite when I am in that neck of the woods, I have had several wonderful biers in Germany. I am not sure that I would declare anyone best without a lot more testing. Sounds like a life long project to me.

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I agree. Beer in Munich is excellent. Second best in the world. The first one is in Plzen (Pilsen).

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"and the best beer in Germany is made in Munich"

Kind of a bold statement to make, considering that there's hundreds of breweries in Germany.

I would say the best brewer in all of Germany is Schmucker, buried deep in the Odenwald region and only available in the Darmstadt-Odenwald-Mannheim-Heidelberg region. But then again, I can't claim to have tried more than a handful of beers made in, let's say, Schleswig-Holstein or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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I agree that Augustiner Keller is a great beer garden and definitely on of the best in Munich , but I actually prefer the Hirschgarten.
It also serves Augustiner by the way. If my memory serves , it is within walking distance of the Laim U or S Bahn stop. It's been a while
so it may have been a different station, research before you go. I think anyone interested in a great Beer garden will enjoy it.
Sit in the self serve section and get your mug from the rack and go get a beer.