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Munich and October Fest

We are planning on doing a RS trip and will be in Munich during the crowds make the touring experience difficult? Did we make a mistake selecting this date?

Anne M

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Oktoberfest isn't near the OLDE TOWN of Munich, so unless you specifically plan to go to Oktoberfest, it will be fine. We've been in Munich during Oktoberfest and we stayed in the heart of the Olde Town and never really knew Oktoberfest was going on. Now if you go to Oktoberfest, the crowds are crazy as you'd expect.

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That tour does feature this statement.

Opportunity to enjoy Oktoberfest in Munich!

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We have been there twice during Oktoberfest and it was fine. Were able to tour around just fine and it is so much fun seeing how everyone is so decked out in there lederhosen and dirndls!
Definitely go to Oktoberfest at the fairgrounds, it is an amazing sight. Just go early in the day and leave by around 4-5pm when the drunks start getting a little crazy.

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We were in Munich during Ocktoberfests and I was dreading it. It turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. Loved seeing the families dressed up. Enjoyed thefoodstalls and met some lovely people in the tents. I've seen more drunk people at St Pat's parade tbh. Go and enjoy it

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do the crowds make the touring experience difficult?

Not really. If you go in the early part of the afternoon, there are plenty of places available without being too crowded, and you do not need to make reservations for any of the tents. The number of people starts to pick up late afternoon, and increases into the early evening.

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No, it's actually a good time as you will have a central hotel to stay in whereas other fest goers will be forced to look a far ways out. On our tour, the tour leader helped the people who wanted to go to it in free time, by showing the U-bahn route and proper station, leading the small group there, and letting people wander on their own. Its pretty simple.

There's a perception that the whole city is packed with beer-drinking tourists. Its not. Life is going on as normal for most people, while the fest is going on in a specific location towards the outskirts.