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Munich airport - transiting thru question

Hi! Thx in advance for your input 😀 Sept 3 we will have arrived in AMS from Canada and will transfer to another flight enroute to Dubrovnik - our flight that day will require us to transit thru Munich airport - we will arrive in Terminal 1 and will catch our plane to DBV in Term 2 - we have one hour 10 mins between flights (will fly KLM out of AMS and fly via Croatia to DBV) - other than getting from one terminal to the next anything else we should know about transiting thru? Thx!

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I’ve transferred through Munich 2x in the past year. It is a very small airport (in comparison to Frankfurt) and it is plenty of time to transfer. Don’t worry.

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You've left out some important information. You are arriving at MUC, Terminal 1 on a KLM flight? I assume the flight to Dubrovnik is probably operated by Lufthansa (since you are leaving from T2).

Is this all on one ticket so that you bags will be checked through, at least from Amsterdam to Dubrovnik? I don't think you'd have time to retrieve you bags and recheck them in 1H10. Or you might have just carry-on.

You'll go through Schengen immigration at AMS, so you will arrive in MUC inside Schengen and have to go through emigration (outbound passport control) before getting onto the plane to Croatia. That will take a little time.

I haven't used the shuttle bus between terminals at MUC. Does anyone here know if it operates outside security? That is, will they have to go through security when the shuttle arrives at T2. Is it the same for both inside and outside Schengen?

The shuttle bus between terminals arrives at the south end of the original T2. Does the flight to Dubrovnik leave from the original T2 or will they have to take the shuttle train out to the new satellite?

I don't like the 1H10 transfer time.

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Thanks so much - good things to consider for sure!

  • we do have carry on so not worried about luggage (unless they make us check it thru in AMS - but if that happens our flight via Munich from AMS to DBV is on one ticket yes so luggage would be check all the way - fingers crossed we won't have to check our carry on :) ...

It is Lufthansa operated by Croatia Air to DBV and tix says T2 for that departure :)

that is a good pt about schengen to non-schengen/passport control and possible security too from T1 to T2 - thanks for that heads up

and thx to others that might reply to your questions on my behalf - thanks!!