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Moselle cycle advice

We are thinking of cycling the Moselle Valley starting in France, through Luxembourg and ending in Germany (Koblenz) in September 2019. We are still deciding where to start in France (either Moselle source Col de Bussang or maybe Metz). We know there are a lot of tour companies that offer these types of trips, but are investigating doing our trip independently.

We are looking for advice of companies that we would be able to hire bikes and equipment (panniers etc) starting in France and ending in Germany. We would also be looking to have some luggage transported from our start point and stored at our German destination (Koblenz).

Would also like advice about the need to pre-book accommodation at this time of year. Is it possible to take our chances, or should we pre-book in some areas?

Thank-you to all that responded to my question

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I am unaware of companies that might accept your bikes in Koblenz or transport them back to their French source. I suspect you'd need to drive or ship them back yourself.

I suggest you look into a loop that includes the Mosel (Bernkastel to Cochem is very scenic) but other areas as well, one that might not cover all that territory but still be very scenic and interesting.

Advance-booking is a good idea. September is a great (and popular) month for what you have in mind. There are bike-friendly places along the German Mosel but at this time of year it makes sense to nail them down and to also get what you want where you want it at the price you want.

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Wow that sounds like an amazing trip!

If it proves too complicated to rent equipment and take it across borders, do consider to bike just the stretch from Trier to Koblenz. That's considered the most scenic stretch and you may find more support for this type of bike trip,

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I can't help you with a cycle company, but I have been to all the areas that you plan to visit. Also, I am an avid cyclist and have done long distance cycling for the past 14 years (including the BRAG, Florida Risa, Virginia Ride and North Carolina ride).

Do you have a sense of the changes in elevation that you will encounter? The area is not like the Alps, but it is very hilly. I would recommend a good road bike. You probably already know that.

Places to see would include Verdun, if interested in WWI history. Also, Luxembourg City and Viaden, Lux. Go a bit farther west and take in some of the Battle of the Bulge battle cites. Don't miss Trier, Germany, which is on the Lux border. The Mosel Valley in Germany is beautiful and a great wine area.


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Trier to Koblenz is all down hill along the river, much of the way is on a disused railroad bed. I have ridden short stretches and it is a hard surface, but not necessarily paved. So it shouldn't be a high-tech road bike, but something sturdy. There are buses that have bike trailers that run certain routes, and you can take bikes on the regional trains. This site has some resources in the links.