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Mosel: Traben or Trarbach hotel?

Staying at Traben-Trarbach in September for a week, no car. Visiting other towns by boat and train. Which side of the Mosel for a hotel?

Traben on left/west side (much larger) or Trarbach on right/east? Hotels in Traben now have no or very limited availability. More in Trarbach but guess there is much less to do/see and we wonder how easy and long it will be to walk over the bridge to the more interesting parts of Traben?

Thanks as always for your contributions to this site.

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Walking across the bridge takes just a couple of minutes. We had a car; but as I recall, we didn’t actually use it in town. The towns are compact and very walkable. We took a cruise on the river, which was good for seeing buildings, vineyards, etc.
BTW, have you looked on I just put in a random September date and saw lots of well-rated lodgings at all price ranges.

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I agree with the first reply. It doesn't matter much in this case. Maybe if you know you have a bicycle, you'd want better access for your routes. Unless budget is your primary driver, I would suggest that location isn't as important as specific options. For example, there is at least one guesthouse IN a hillside vineyard (so there must be more), with a wine-tasting restaurant on the first floor. And the lovely (and no doubt expensive Romantik Jugendstilhotel Bellevue is close by.) Another issue in September would be wine-festival dates around the area. Since you'll have no car, I would check the train schedules in advance, and make sure the trains stop in all towns, too. Some small towns now have machine-only ticket sales. (Read up on rail discount plans by Searching this newsboard.) Don't depend on Mosel boats for commuting. Too slow, too few, less view than Rhine. Make sure you get the right season timetable for boats in Autumn.

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The whole town area is pretty small, so no need to worry about walking distances between Traben and Trarbach.