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MOBAL phone use in USA

I have the latest "deluxe" model of MOBAL and one of its features is you can use it in the USA. They are impossible to get a response from unless you wait 3-4 days for email response, so does anyone have experience using one in the US? I can't make a call here (Michigan) to local numbers and have set it up with the +1 prefix. Maybe they mean you can use it to call OUT of the US but not within?

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We have their international SIM cards in iphone 7s. We have used them fine overseas and in the US before. Upon returning home from Greece last month, I noticed that they both said, "No Service." I thought that was funny because I had used them in the US before to test them out before going on a trip. I emailed Mobal, and received the response below. Not sure if it will help you out or not. I have not yet taken the time to try the fix they suggested, as we don't want/need to use them in the US.

If your device is not registering with any networks (device shows no signal strength, or a “No service”, “Emergency Calls Only”, or similar message) then it would suggest that you are in an area with poor/limited cell service.
For your reference in the USA we use the T-Mobile network.
As a test, could you please perform a manual network search and see if you can connect to T-Mobile manually, then see if you can use our service?

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Thanks. Your resp. came much faster than MOBAL is doing lately. I have more than their SIM card; it's their phone as well. I get a busy signal when I call. As I'm extremely tech-savvy challenged, I have no clue how I would follow their suggestions. As you did, I was hoping to "test" the phone from here before travelling to Germany in a few days and use it upon return in my home airport to call home rather than packing my Tracfone as well.